Thursday, January 07, 2010

In Target

Another photos ops.-- I'm glad I brought the camera with me. I was freezing to death when I went there, the cold-wind just blown me away. *Sigh* What i love about Target are their not so cheap quality and style apparel compare to Walmart. I'm talking about clothes, shoes and accessories but when it comes to fresh produce and dried food I would prepare Walmart (since they sells the same food products) there's no doubt Walmart price are a lot cheaper there.

Target has Mossimo, Converse, Merona collection and so many other nice-chic brands with an affordable tag price. They are "in" when it comes to latest fashions style. That is why ilove it..

Funny thing is the photos I attached here are contrary to my post-- haha! Honestly I'm too shy to snap a pix when I'm in the apparel section, there were too many people around I don't have guts! LOL

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