Sunday, January 31, 2010

iPad: The Most Advanced Technology

Many people amazed by Steve Jobs new iPad. They said it is the most advanced technology to date. Why? Because it's all in one gadget- it has wifi, mp3, video, mail, photos, ibook, maps, etc. That means Kindle and iPod are no longer needed. And oh, the price value is unbelievably low just like the term life insurance for seniors, very affordable. Awesome right? But the thing is I have no room for another computer in my house just because they kept creating a new one my old computer now become outdated, and  that makes me thinking to upgrade my old ones. Arrgh!!! People nowadays are hard to be contented. Really. Should we blame it to the new generation high technologies? Big *Sigh*.

Anyway, as many people around the world stunned by the APPLE company in USA for their new addition gadget some people made fun of hitler (watch the video below). I thought this is funny.

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