Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing Online Games with Kids

I really can't say no to my niece and nephews whenever they asked me for something they like. Sometimes they ask that I can't afford but I always find a way to get something for substitute closest to the original thing they want. They have no choice but to like it, of course it is from USA. Ha! By the way, my niece and nephews are living in the Philippines. So, they like something from here. Anyway, I just got a message from them and demanded me to online on this coming Saturday evening (Eastern time) just to play a Word Puzzle with them through YM. I bet they will gonna beats me! Not that I'm biased but they are smart kids, academically achievers just like me (not!) Haha!, and hyper (though they didn't have adhd medication but still they are so hyper). Soon their family gonna move to Canada for good. I hope these kids won't changed. And love them to death. :)

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