Monday, February 22, 2010

Hand-Me-Down Clothes: Micro Dress

Today I'm wearing a micro green dress which I scored from the thrifty store a couple of months ago. There are many things that I LOVE about this dress. One, I LOVE how it fits me. Two, I LOVE the color. Three, I LOVE the 100% cotton material. Four, I LOVE the chic designs. Fifth, I LOVE the price of it.

Would you believe I got this for just $5? The recessionista in me! hee hee.

I got a few thrifted clothes, and one of them is an Oscar Dela Renta's vintage top-- a long sleeves, color purple and in silk material. It's beautiful. Very classic. So ODR's design. Now I have to find a formal occasion for me to wear it.  You know I'm not a social climber. So, there is no way I can wear it anytime soon. Maybe one day if someone would invites me for their wedding. lol

For the meantime I'll have to enjoy wearing this micro green dress more often times now. That is how its  so comfortable on me.

Dress: Tramp- Thrifted
Sun Glasses: xoxo

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