Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Sunday

How was your Easter Sunday yesterday?
Mine was great as usual. It has been 3 years already that my whole family were invited for a dinner at our friends house in Pompano City. We went there yesterday.  The Kelly's made such delicious food. A semi vegetarian dishes except the ham. I really do appreciate vegetarian food except I can't swallow tufo. Other than that vegan foods are good it doesn't hurt my stomach when I'm full. Very light. Does nothing to worry about gaining more weight or getting herbal diet pill if you eat vegan food. I enjoyed eating it.
There's no children in their house so I didn't expect any colorful eggs to hunt. We're just having a good conversations after all that's what an adult does.

Meanwhile, I can't resist but took pictures their cat Tiki. He is so adorable, isn't he? 

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