Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Southern Living

I love to stay outside when it's sunny but warm. Too much hotness can be very danger of our skin. Who would like to stay long outside under the sun anyway? Anyways, today's weather is perfect like the one I mention above, WARM. Very nice. I stayed for long at our patio upstairs after I get off from the bed this morning. I felt good hence my body's ill. Yeah... I'm not feeling good since last Friday my throat is soaring badly plus dry cough. I can't stand it. Well, this shall pass. Hope soon.

I can imagine myself living in a country side with a beautiful natural scenery and an outdoor d├ęcor like the above photo. How lovely! With the backyard like that I would spent more time staying at home than shopping. Heehee Now that is luxury! Can somebody pinch me now? :)

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