Tuesday, September 28, 2010

34, That is!

Today's my birthday, I got a lot of surprises. 

Let me rewind, last Sunday my in-laws gave me an advance celebration since they won't be able to see me today so they treated me at my favorite Asian buffet restaurant. As usual I filled up my stomach with lots of my favorite foods. After that we went back home at my in-laws place. There, they handed me their gifts and cards. It was beautiful. My hubby decided to give me his gift today so that I have something to look forward to. Love his idea. I love surprises anyway.

So today I thought we do nothing after work. Beside the weather is bad we're having a tropical depression 16. It rain the whole day. The news makes me scared. Anyhow, my hubby pick me up at work and said we'll go to our friend's house (who lives nearby my work office) because she had a cake for me. The next thing I know we're off at the shoppes center where a Bistro Wine Bar is called Falafel.

Our first time here. It's an intimate bistro offers Mediterranean food and wine.

I ordered there special menu which is Gourmet Fish (Mahi-Mahi seared with sauce. Served with hummus and pita bread appetizer accompanied by grilled eggplant. And Baklava dessert.)  
My hubby on the other hand ordered Falafel Feta Wrap. They serve huge. The food was superb. I can't believe the grilled eggplant was totally good. It taste different I can't think of anything to describe it. It just good.  So we left this restaurant very satisfied. My husband and I love it, and of course they deserve our 5 stars. You got it, Falafel!

Yes, my hubby fulfilled his gift promise to me. I just received it when we came home after our dinner at Falafel. It was a very beautiful gift. Please let me keep it for me as I have no plan to show or tell here what I got. I'll be too braggart if I do it (although this is my personal journal that I would look back my memories when I gets old but I have to put some restrictions here as I do not want the whole world knows every little thing about my life), well, I'm just being me. My hubby did anything he could just to make my birthday very special. He is such a loving and very thoughtful husband to me. You have no idea how happy I am today. 

Did you know what I feel today is the same when I was 18? Except I now become matured and knows exactly what I want. I guess our mind doesn't gets old only our body. 

Once again, happy birthday to me! I'm looking forward for next year. :)

Shogun - My Favorite Mini Series

Thanks for the post, Nora Howe

Orson Welles is my favorite narrator. Long have I admired his velveteen voice as he delivers wonderful monologues on various alien perils and the dangers of capitalism. Yet his crowning role was not in a film, a television show, or a jabbering anecdote on an old time radio show. His greatest achievement was his narration of my favorite mini series of all time, Shogun.

Like many occidental men who have long since admired the east, Shogun is a fictional account of a deep seeded desire. To the west Japan is a world that is as exotic as the blooming cherry blossom, and as honorable as the warrior samurai. We bask in the mythology of Japan, the idea of sword duels and zen gardens and tentacle cartoon porn. Back then, before the days of the internet, these opportunities were few. This is why Shogun was such a seminal piece of television. Through the eyes of lead actor Richard Chamberlain, it brought about a whole new fetish into the cognitive perception of modern society. Shogun was Madame Butterfly and Akira Kurosawa wrapped into a single warm futon. Shogun was about breaking the boundaries of sexuality in dialogue. Shogun even introduced the word "piss" into the television lexicon. It was nothing short of groundbreaking.

Like all classic mini series, Shogun can be seen on vintage networks available on satellite TV Florida.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


It was September 26 of 2006, exactly 4 years ago, when I arrived here in the USA to live for good. My life has changed from then on, and I am embracing it without any regrets.  Bless is such a cliche but I believed I am bless enough for loving me by my husband and his family unconditionally. They give me safe home. Truly, I'm living my dreams. Nobody can take that away from me.  

There's so much to be celebrate with us today also because in the next couple of days I'll be turning 34. I now off to prepare for that. 

Have a blessed Sunday everyone.


Saturday, September 25, 2010


Content by Kyle Lowe

I have to admit that I watched 90210. I couldn't get enough of it. Though I would never admit it then, that show was great for all the fights, drama, arguments, cheating and everything that went on the series. I could never believe how so many things could happen to so many characters and they weren't all in mental institutions or something after being through so much repeated trauma. I liked the show best when Brenda was on the show. The cat fights on there were great, between her and every female on it. Now whenever I see Luke Perry, I can still only think of Dillon and Brenda, even after all these years. Plus, I really liked Brenden's hair, it always looked the same and his eyebrows, he always kinda looked like a puppy dog, even when he was angry.

When I am watching my satellite tv by http://www.directstartv.com/directv_current_offer.html and I run across an episode, I try not to watch, but can't help myself. I get sucked back into the series all over again. I will end up watching entire marathons that are running and see the entire first season all over again.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shower Heads

There are many shower heads that are absolutely great, but how do we know if the ones we got like Fire Hydrant Spa is the real deal? Well, any shower head can occasionally need a new washer, gasket or small part. If we could not get all of these parts then our shower head is simply useless. As what the experts say, why should we have to go out and buy a brand new shower head when all we really need is a 25 cent replacement washer. Then that just doesn't making any sense, right? We need a company such as takeashower.com for us to get a product worth every pennys' we pay. They've been in this business for over 21 years that has both experience and expertise of this products. They give their customers a guarantee first and even more satisfaction.

Miami Zoo (part 3)

The ending.

I know, I've been procrastinated this post for quite sometime now. I have to end this.  Okay, here are my previous post related of this story part 1 and part 2 in case you missed them. 

Anyways, Miami Zoo or Zoo Miami is the largest and oldest zoological garden in Florida, and the only tropical zoo in the continental United States. It is located in southwest of Miami in southern metropolitan Miami-Dade County. It houses over 2,000 animals on 740 acres, 324 acres of which are developed. It is about 3 mi (5 km) around if walked on the path, and has over 100 exhibits. - according from wikipedia.

It really amazes me to see a tremendous zoo with thousands of animals from around the world. I haven't seen like this before. The animals are not in the cage except those insects, fish (some are in the ponds too), snakes, anaconda, poisonous frogs, and birds. The rest are in the open huge land, it really made them feels at home.  As far as the fences it has but very low and far from them towards us. In between has a gutter, huge hole in case the animals jump off they will go straight to that gutter. It very safe for both animals and people. I'm glad they did that cause it's not nice to watch animals in the cage. Its like they're prisoners. Over all it was a nice experienced. A very memorable one.

In the zoo they have this beautiful water scenery can find in the Amazon park area. Pretty amazing. I feel like I'm in the other world.

Why the color of elephant is orange? Because they stays in the mud rolling their body around  it like a kid playing the sand. Its pretty cute though when they does that. Does it the elephant looks like a mammoth? Oh, I wish the mammoth are still excess. It could have been awesome seeing the elephants and mammoths together.

Giraffe. My first up-close-and personal experienced with them. It was a blast moment.  I was giddy seeing them.

Giraffe knew how harmless I am that's why she let me kiss her and pet her.  I bought her a cabbage for $2 over that certain park, and fed until she finishes it. They're very sweet and adorable. Height doesn't really matter.

Apes. Such like a human being. Their toes, hands. They have humors too. Very funny. I love observing them they're entertainers.

Sloth Bear. She's a predator. I cringed! Regardless of her character I was happy to met her in person. At least I can tell she's real unlike watching them just on TV. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gifts For Golfer

Looking for the perfect gift for your golfer husband or boyfriend? Give your favorite husband or boyfriend golfer something interesting that shows how much thought went into the gift. Book the Myrtle Beach golf packages vacation of a lifetime. I'm sure your love ones would love this idea.

Through their website http://www.myrtlebeachgolf.net you can search all the Grand Strand area of Myrtle golf courses, and book for golf packages and vacations for a lifetime. Set for example, you can choose Tidewater Golf Club Plantation in North Myrtle Beach because of its fine architectural design and highly conditioned golf courses, but golfers love coming here, not so much for its design, but for its challenge.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Worishoper Sandals

Okay seriously, I really needed this desperately cause I have bunions! That's why I couldn't wear heels for a long period of time. So worishoper sandals there you go....

MAY HELP: Bunions, aching joints
Shoes designed by a German podiatrist to support the foot and reduce strain on the joints and back. The footbed is lined with leather to allow the feet to breathe. There is cork between the footbed and the sole to absorb shock and reduce impact on the joints. The adjustable strap means they can be adapted to pretty much any width of foot fit, hence their apparent suitability for bunions.
Read more: here

Maggie Gyllenhaal wears worishoper sandals

Photo credits: google images

Acne Home Remedy

Speaking of acne, my cousin C is having a terrible acne problem now that he become teenager. He couldn't take it because for him it is very embarrassing. Sure, he's having crushes, he thinks girls would laugh at his acne condition. Well, what else could we do? We older people know that part of being adolescent is having self developments it's natural for a teenage girl or boy to have physical changes. We told him it'll be change in the right time. They've been actually tried to use so many acne creams for him unfortunately it has all side effects. Instead my cousin C did follow some home remedies for acne like the old days such as by eating right, sleep well, wash the face regularly, etcetera.

Cousin C's mother asking me to get a cream for his acne over here cause I could get it cheap compare there. Aunt is thinking might the cream from from here would help cure cousin C's problem. We'll see.

Balik-Bayan Box

This box is so ready to be ship. I can't wait to get this out in my house and received by my families abroad. In the past couple of weekends I've been busy shopped gifts like shoes, bags, clothes, books, cosmetics, chocolates, lotion and even acne scar creams, vitamins, and among others just to fill this jumbo box. If only I have gazillion of dollars I will never stress out budgeting the money. Since I love doing this complaining has no room for me. Just to know and see my families are happy is enough for me.  Advance Merry X'mas to my family! I know, I'm too way early for that. :)

Hollywood Babies

Aren't they the cutest babies? I know there are many cuter babies than them out there but since they're parents are Hollywood stars they've become too beautiful in the eyes of a fan. I like how they're parents dress them up very liberating. Lucky kids! I wonder how they become when they grow up?

Violet Affleck

Shiloh Pitt

Suri Cruise

Photo credits: people magazine dot com

Monday, September 20, 2010

Eye Cream

People aged, I know that. And I'm not afraid of getting old having with wrinkle skin, gray hair and sagging eye bags. Next week I'll be turning 34 and I can't wait to celebrate it with the love of my life. To be honest my hair started showing some gray hair like two or three I pulled it off instead of using dye. I love my hair look this way- black.  And my eyes are having eye bags and some wrinkle around it especially if my eyes are too tired staring at the computer monitor at long hours. Thank goodness there are so many ways to remedy the wrinkles. I found variety of brands of wrinkle eye creams I tried in the past but an eye cream I have right now is working well for my skin.  Have you heard Prevera? I think that one is good too.

Turkish Delight

It pop-up in mind when I was talking with my colleague (she's a British by the way) at work the other day and then I asked her, oh btw, have you tried eaten turkish delight in London? I heard it is a famous confection over there, how was it taste like? I was given a question-mark look from her. The answer is NO. She never ever heard of it until I told her. I was in awe. But she explained sugary food is not her thing, that's why.

Well, obviously I am very interested about it because it sweet which is my "thing" and was learned about it through watching Narnia movie. I think it was in the Narnia Chronicles: Prince of Caspian episode when the witch gave Edmund the turkish delight and loved it from then on.

I tried to look for it in the WholeFoods and Fresh Market unfortunately they were not selling it. But our love affair started on when I went in at Ross department store to buy shoes. There the ones I saw the moment I enter the store. Turkish Delight, hello there!! I was so happy. It was love at first sight. I then grabbed the two flavors they have, pistachio and rose & lemon. It was sweet but not too sweet. It is so good! I won't worry about the fats though there's so many top rated diet pills out there in case I gain weight because of the sweets food I put in my mouth. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marinated Bangus (Milkfish)

It has been so many years the last time I had this marinated fried bangus. If I remember I was in the PINAS when my last encountered of it. If I really have to get one of this I can go to a filipino store here in south Florida anytime where they selling bangus since I intend not to pass by that's why I missed it. Except yesterday I was force to go just to buy a balikbayan box. And I saw a hot fried marinated bangus. I was tempted. Although its kind a pricey but I don't care cause I really miss this one.

I immediately dig it in when I came home. Of course I'm eating it with plain white rice. I've been eating a lot of rice lately I think I gain weight, oh, gawd I needed fat burning products desperately! hehe Especially now that there are more birthdays coming up I have attend to. I cringe of fats. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Auto Insurance

We work for a living to fulfill our needs and wants, and in order to improve our lifestyle as well. We also work and save money to achieve our dreams, to have our own house and car. So we keep working. Having a valuable possessions like cars, a home, computers, and your own life needs protection, and security from accidents and natural disasters. That is why there are many different insurance companies that have their different services and policies. Just like auto insurance, life insurance, flood insurance, and among others. Also, we should consider to know which insurance provider has a better services whenever we get auto insurance claim or for any insurance we could claim.

Lady Gaga Meat Dress

I have no idea what she's thinking. *Sigh* I couldn't stomach her meat dress. Too much vulgarity. She should have cook that and give it to many hungry people out there if this is really made out of fresh (real) meat dress . Oh well...sick.

photos credits: google images

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free Scholarships

Finishing a degree is the best gift to give for yourself. Nobody can take that away from you. Having an education can get you a job opportunity. The most easy and convenient way for you to get an education is to seek assistance to any financial aid or you could ask for college grants if you can't afford to pay for your education.

There are now many websites having free information on college scholarships or minority scholarships, student loans, and educational grants. Any student looking for financial assistance for his college education should know what to get college scholarships should you apply for. Oftentimes, scholarships are given based on scholastic records while educational grants are usually awarded to students who are financially lacking. For more information visit the website of schoolscholarships dot org.

Good luck!

Charice on Glee

I'm speechless.

Why music can melts our heart? It's a wonderful feeling you know..

That's why I like to watch any musical movie or TV show. Glee is one of those. Especially Charice is in that show I can't wait to see Glee this coming September 21. Mark your calendar!

Make You Over

Written by Fermin Washington

I love inspirational shows and I love make over shows. What do you get when you combine the two elements? "What not to Wear!" I always turn my Direct TV to TLC when this comes on. Not only do I learn a lot but, I see that other people have problems finding clothes for their style and body shapes just like me. Stacy and Clinton help the poor person to realize that anything is possible and that anyone can look great- you just have to know how to properly dress your shape in a modern silhouette.

Many of the make overs happen for people who are unwittingly followed for two weeks by a film crew who secretly document their horrendous or tacky style. The person is then ambushed by family, friends and Stacy and Clinton who then offer them a $5000 clothing revamp and make over if they bring all of their wardrobe to New York to donate and begin again. The concept is fabulous and it stems from a popular British version. Many times, the people are insulted or embarrassed but, grateful for the opportunity. They go to New York unsure of what to expect and many relapse and buy similar unflattering items or they get very overwhelmed and buy nothing. This is an interesting look to see how fashion affects the average person.

Summer Fruit- Water Melon

Summer is not over yet. I'm still loving the heat of the sun in fact I haven't hit the beach yet so let me enjoy it. Here's water melon with a pinch of salt and a bit of lemon juice (a recipe from Ina Carter) which what I like to eat for cooling down. So refreshing!

Credit Card Reward

Shopping can be addicted if we don't control ourselves. That's why it is important to consider our mind over our feelings when shopping. Some other people said we must fill our stomach first before we shop cause once our stomach is empty and we're hungry while shopping there's a big possibility we get unnecessary things hence we couldn't think straight. Hmmmp...it makes sense.

Anyway, whenever I entered in a department store I love the smell of the clothes, shoes or bags. Hehehe I like everything about women thing. Shopping. Big SALE sign really is attractive. That is what shoppers favorite. And those rewards thing (Visa reward card or buy one take one) is insane! Oh boy, if only we could buy a store  just to make women stop.

Halloween Costumes

Where did the time go? Summer is almost over. Fall is approaching. My birthday is coming but then again Halloween is just around the corner. The next thing I know New Year is ringing! How time flies so fast..

I'm saying this because my friend is keep reminds me of the ticket for the up coming of our Halloween party next month. Though I would love to go but I am not committed yet until I know if my husband has other plan for us. However, I do searching halloween costumes for me to wear in case I attend. Oh my gawd, there are so many cute outfit to choose for everybody from babies to adults. Here are the samples.

For kids

For adults

Miami Zoo (land-ia) part 2

They have many animals exhibit from different countries at the Miami Zoo. The signage says it all.  At that time my husband wanna go to in the "land down under" Australia's exhibit.

Walking is the best form of exercise and that's what we do while in the Zoo.

There were so many benches and tables under the trees in every exhibit over there so I have plenty of time to sit and relax from tired walking.

When hungry then off we go to one of their cafeterias. There is in Amazon and in Asia.

We settled near Asia took a table under the trees for lunch. Although we can stay either in the cafeteria or in the rest house near the water.  Meanwhile, the husband got his Veggie burger...

while I got Cuban subs. Yum!

Up next --> part 3

Monday, September 13, 2010

All About Multiple Sclerosis

If I couldn't exercise regularly my back's ache. Thank goodness I don't have this called MS (Multiple Sclerosis) which cause so much suffering back pain.

MS is a disease in which the body's immune system attacks normal body tissue. And is considered as an autoimmune disease. The followings are MS Symptoms; weakness, fatigue ( is one of the most disabling symptoms for people suffering of MS, and at the same time one of the most common), pain, depression, urinary dysfunction, etcetera. Nowadays, there are many recommendations suggesting the best nutrition for MS Diet they can be basic concepts in nutrition, a balanced multiple sclerosis diet, weight control, cutting fat calories and weight gain. However, practicing a healthy life-style is indeed a common sense. Having a sensible eating habits has a strong and beneficial impact on many aspects of health.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Canvas Shoes

Christmas is approaching that means I have to start buy now for my families gifts abroad. If I send the big box in October it possibly arrive in time for Christmas in December. I use by the sea courier for shipment, it takes two months to arrive the package in the Philippines so that's why I am in a shopping mode lately. 

I'm not a typical bragger in fact I'm shy. But in this blog I don't. I more talkative here, and a braggart I think. hehe After all this is my journal in an online, and that's the thing a bout it. So, I'll show you what I got for my family in all fairness these shoes are all cutify. I bought this all in Ross. Unfortunately I have to return and exchange the first two photos for the right sizes. I'm afraid if they don't have stocks. They are too cute to pass.

Polo canvas shoes for my younger sister.

Tommy Hilfiger canvas shoes for my father

and Keds canvas shoes for my older sister

Business Opportunity

During the time of our crisis (both my husband and I was laid off) I was positive about things that had happen on us has a purpose, that's why we turned out just fine. Although we worried about our finances might wipe out until we haven't find a job but thankfully it did not happen. After so many months of searching I got a new job, and I am very happy about it. While the husband is doing whatever business opportunities he can do in order to fulfill his dreams. Today my husband is doing alright with his business. He started slow but things picking up now.  

Lesson learn;  follow your dreams, do what you can, just don't give up, most of all believe in your self.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Miami Zoo (land-ia) part 1

Driving from Coral Springs to Miami Zoo took us 45 minutes luckily there's no bad traffic in the highway. Maybe because its still early in the morning people were still home. We arrived in the Zoo at 9:30am, this was the scenery awaited us. Green!

We arrived just in time the Zoo entrance open.

Then, we purchased the tickets. No extra.

This souvenir shop is what I saw the moment I enter the main Zoo. Too early to buy stuff. I didn't bother to enter the store whatsoever.

Caribbean Flamingos greeted us. What a good start!

Here's the Tiger annoyed by the noise of Siamang monkey across his land.

Indeed, the Siamang monkey's voice is so irritating. It can ruin our eardrums. No wonder why the Tiger jumped off from his fence towards the alley where people passes by, and across is where the Siamang are. This was happen a couple of months ago. Just saying.
This Australian Kangaroo looks like a Dinosaur, isn't she? I mean, the body and the tail.

In the Philippines we called this Baboy Ramo. Some of them are now US residents.

This is a poisonous frog can find in Amazon. The looks are so deceiving it can kill 100 people in just a touch on her.

The husband is afraid of cockroach real big time. But not this stone. hehe

A tram ride will tour you around the Zoo if you don't wanna walk. The downside is you can't see closer at the animals.

Up next --> part 2

Family visit

Guest post written by Christopher Walters

I always like to go and stay with my daughter and her family for a while once the summer starts to cool down. Well this year, it didn't really cool down in time but I went and visited them in late August anyway. I just always call it my little beach vacation because they have a house right on the shore.

This year when I went we went and saw a movie together but I was having a lot of trouble hearing a lot of what the characters were saying to each other. Later that day my daughter and I took the grandkids out walking on the beach and as we were picking up and looking at seashells for me to take home and glue onto picture frames we were talking about my hearing issue. I had known that I knew to do something about it for a while but then when we got back to the house we looked up miracle ear locations. After doing the research I decided to go to one once I get home.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Steal Her Style

Victoria Beckham wearing a bright green dress. iWant!