Tuesday, September 28, 2010

34, That is!

Today's my birthday, I got a lot of surprises. 

Let me rewind, last Sunday my in-laws gave me an advance celebration since they won't be able to see me today so they treated me at my favorite Asian buffet restaurant. As usual I filled up my stomach with lots of my favorite foods. After that we went back home at my in-laws place. There, they handed me their gifts and cards. It was beautiful. My hubby decided to give me his gift today so that I have something to look forward to. Love his idea. I love surprises anyway.

So today I thought we do nothing after work. Beside the weather is bad we're having a tropical depression 16. It rain the whole day. The news makes me scared. Anyhow, my hubby pick me up at work and said we'll go to our friend's house (who lives nearby my work office) because she had a cake for me. The next thing I know we're off at the shoppes center where a Bistro Wine Bar is called Falafel.

Our first time here. It's an intimate bistro offers Mediterranean food and wine.

I ordered there special menu which is Gourmet Fish (Mahi-Mahi seared with sauce. Served with hummus and pita bread appetizer accompanied by grilled eggplant. And Baklava dessert.)  
My hubby on the other hand ordered Falafel Feta Wrap. They serve huge. The food was superb. I can't believe the grilled eggplant was totally good. It taste different I can't think of anything to describe it. It just good.  So we left this restaurant very satisfied. My husband and I love it, and of course they deserve our 5 stars. You got it, Falafel!

Yes, my hubby fulfilled his gift promise to me. I just received it when we came home after our dinner at Falafel. It was a very beautiful gift. Please let me keep it for me as I have no plan to show or tell here what I got. I'll be too braggart if I do it (although this is my personal journal that I would look back my memories when I gets old but I have to put some restrictions here as I do not want the whole world knows every little thing about my life), well, I'm just being me. My hubby did anything he could just to make my birthday very special. He is such a loving and very thoughtful husband to me. You have no idea how happy I am today. 

Did you know what I feel today is the same when I was 18? Except I now become matured and knows exactly what I want. I guess our mind doesn't gets old only our body. 

Once again, happy birthday to me! I'm looking forward for next year. :)

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