Friday, September 10, 2010

Canvas Shoes

Christmas is approaching that means I have to start buy now for my families gifts abroad. If I send the big box in October it possibly arrive in time for Christmas in December. I use by the sea courier for shipment, it takes two months to arrive the package in the Philippines so that's why I am in a shopping mode lately. 

I'm not a typical bragger in fact I'm shy. But in this blog I don't. I more talkative here, and a braggart I think. hehe After all this is my journal in an online, and that's the thing a bout it. So, I'll show you what I got for my family in all fairness these shoes are all cutify. I bought this all in Ross. Unfortunately I have to return and exchange the first two photos for the right sizes. I'm afraid if they don't have stocks. They are too cute to pass.

Polo canvas shoes for my younger sister.

Tommy Hilfiger canvas shoes for my father

and Keds canvas shoes for my older sister

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