Thursday, September 09, 2010

Family visit

Guest post written by Christopher Walters

I always like to go and stay with my daughter and her family for a while once the summer starts to cool down. Well this year, it didn't really cool down in time but I went and visited them in late August anyway. I just always call it my little beach vacation because they have a house right on the shore.

This year when I went we went and saw a movie together but I was having a lot of trouble hearing a lot of what the characters were saying to each other. Later that day my daughter and I took the grandkids out walking on the beach and as we were picking up and looking at seashells for me to take home and glue onto picture frames we were talking about my hearing issue. I had known that I knew to do something about it for a while but then when we got back to the house we looked up miracle ear locations. After doing the research I decided to go to one once I get home.

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