Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Make You Over

Written by Fermin Washington

I love inspirational shows and I love make over shows. What do you get when you combine the two elements? "What not to Wear!" I always turn my Direct TV to TLC when this comes on. Not only do I learn a lot but, I see that other people have problems finding clothes for their style and body shapes just like me. Stacy and Clinton help the poor person to realize that anything is possible and that anyone can look great- you just have to know how to properly dress your shape in a modern silhouette.

Many of the make overs happen for people who are unwittingly followed for two weeks by a film crew who secretly document their horrendous or tacky style. The person is then ambushed by family, friends and Stacy and Clinton who then offer them a $5000 clothing revamp and make over if they bring all of their wardrobe to New York to donate and begin again. The concept is fabulous and it stems from a popular British version. Many times, the people are insulted or embarrassed but, grateful for the opportunity. They go to New York unsure of what to expect and many relapse and buy similar unflattering items or they get very overwhelmed and buy nothing. This is an interesting look to see how fashion affects the average person.

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