Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miami Zoo (land-ia) part 2

They have many animals exhibit from different countries at the Miami Zoo. The signage says it all.  At that time my husband wanna go to in the "land down under" Australia's exhibit.

Walking is the best form of exercise and that's what we do while in the Zoo.

There were so many benches and tables under the trees in every exhibit over there so I have plenty of time to sit and relax from tired walking.

When hungry then off we go to one of their cafeterias. There is in Amazon and in Asia.

We settled near Asia took a table under the trees for lunch. Although we can stay either in the cafeteria or in the rest house near the water.  Meanwhile, the husband got his Veggie burger...

while I got Cuban subs. Yum!

Up next --> part 3

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