Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shogun - My Favorite Mini Series

Thanks for the post, Nora Howe

Orson Welles is my favorite narrator. Long have I admired his velveteen voice as he delivers wonderful monologues on various alien perils and the dangers of capitalism. Yet his crowning role was not in a film, a television show, or a jabbering anecdote on an old time radio show. His greatest achievement was his narration of my favorite mini series of all time, Shogun.

Like many occidental men who have long since admired the east, Shogun is a fictional account of a deep seeded desire. To the west Japan is a world that is as exotic as the blooming cherry blossom, and as honorable as the warrior samurai. We bask in the mythology of Japan, the idea of sword duels and zen gardens and tentacle cartoon porn. Back then, before the days of the internet, these opportunities were few. This is why Shogun was such a seminal piece of television. Through the eyes of lead actor Richard Chamberlain, it brought about a whole new fetish into the cognitive perception of modern society. Shogun was Madame Butterfly and Akira Kurosawa wrapped into a single warm futon. Shogun was about breaking the boundaries of sexuality in dialogue. Shogun even introduced the word "piss" into the television lexicon. It was nothing short of groundbreaking.

Like all classic mini series, Shogun can be seen on vintage networks available on satellite TV Florida.

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