Monday, September 20, 2010

Turkish Delight

It pop-up in mind when I was talking with my colleague (she's a British by the way) at work the other day and then I asked her, oh btw, have you tried eaten turkish delight in London? I heard it is a famous confection over there, how was it taste like? I was given a question-mark look from her. The answer is NO. She never ever heard of it until I told her. I was in awe. But she explained sugary food is not her thing, that's why.

Well, obviously I am very interested about it because it sweet which is my "thing" and was learned about it through watching Narnia movie. I think it was in the Narnia Chronicles: Prince of Caspian episode when the witch gave Edmund the turkish delight and loved it from then on.

I tried to look for it in the WholeFoods and Fresh Market unfortunately they were not selling it. But our love affair started on when I went in at Ross department store to buy shoes. There the ones I saw the moment I enter the store. Turkish Delight, hello there!! I was so happy. It was love at first sight. I then grabbed the two flavors they have, pistachio and rose & lemon. It was sweet but not too sweet. It is so good! I won't worry about the fats though there's so many top rated diet pills out there in case I gain weight because of the sweets food I put in my mouth. :)

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