Friday, October 29, 2010

Fraternity flag football

Guest post written by Zack Williams

I'm always striving to prove those people wrong that think that frat brothers just drink and act like idiots all the time. So when I joined a frat, I found one that I could really relate to the brothers in and I really did luck out. My brothers are great and so are the alumni that I've met. But I came up with a great idea when I was elected vice president of starting an annual charity with all the other fraternities at our school that was different from the regular old block party or marathons that usually serve as the fundraisers for charities in Greek communities.

I got to work planning the flag football fundraiser and started out by contacting people at the other fraternities. After I did that I found this offer on wireless internet that seemed like it could help our fraternity cut costs so I got some more info on it and plan on presenting it to our members who deal with that kind of stuff.

Luckily, intramural flag football is really popular at our school so it was no problem getting interested people to sign up fro the tournament.

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