Sunday, January 31, 2010

iPad: The Most Advanced Technology

Many people amazed by Steve Jobs new iPad. They said it is the most advanced technology to date. Why? Because it's all in one gadget- it has wifi, mp3, video, mail, photos, ibook, maps, etc. That means Kindle and iPod are no longer needed. And oh, the price value is unbelievably low just like the term life insurance for seniors, very affordable. Awesome right? But the thing is I have no room for another computer in my house just because they kept creating a new one my old computer now become outdated, and  that makes me thinking to upgrade my old ones. Arrgh!!! People nowadays are hard to be contented. Really. Should we blame it to the new generation high technologies? Big *Sigh*.

Anyway, as many people around the world stunned by the APPLE company in USA for their new addition gadget some people made fun of hitler (watch the video below). I thought this is funny.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i like.... Loose T-shirts

Wearing loose t-shirts has been my obsession since I was a kid. It started when my big sisters allowed me to borrow their clothes, t-shirts were I always get to wear because their dresses were to big for me. Whereas the t-shirts can be tack-in the pants even if its loose. Oh no.. I don't wear loose panties nor bra's, no way! Haha!! Well, folks it would be very possible for me to wear any loose diamonds jewelry. That I like! Anyway, since then until now I got to love wearing those shirts even pants. Back in 80's loose clothes were hip, thankfully the 80's fashions are now back. I'm loving it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FoodTrip: Yankee Clipper Clam Chowder Soup

If you are dieting or vegetarian or just want some good vegetable salads like me then try to dine-in at Sweet Tomato restaurant. They have very good vegetable/pasta salads, soups, and some pastries (loved their homemade chocolate cookies real big time!) I have tried their different kind of soups so far they didn't disappoint me. Even though I'm not too crazy of broccoli but their broccoli chowder soup is divine. It taste so good. I'm serious. This time I had their Yankee Clipper Clam Chowder Soup- it is so creamy, the flavor of the clam is strong. I like seafood so I don't mind if they put too much clam in it. Overall its good. 3.5 for that! 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Reminiscing My Hong Kong Trip

There are many things that I like about Hongkong though I stayed only few days there but I heart the country right away on my first day.  Hongkong is just a small country with land mass of 1,104 km2 (426 sq mi) and a population of seven million people.  With that small geographic land and increasing population imagine how crowded in there? But that's okay because the local citizens there are tiny (haha!) and most of all friendly. I don't mind going and riding the subway trail there because of its friendly and clean environment. The Hongkong trail way are very systematic and fast! In case we get lost their customer service can easily be found because there were booths anywhere inside the rail stations or in any tourist spots.  

They have more on hightech architectural designs when it comes to building. Lots of posh malls-- very expensive! On the left photo here: it's me taken inside their one of the public restrooms as you can see the flush handle was attached on the wall very far from the toilet bowl itself. The downside is it took me time to find the flush I just recognized it while reading the notes right next to it. et viola! LOL In my opinion, the American Standard toilet in public area is very far from this because here in America the flush is mostly automatic. Anyway, their food are fantastic! Love the oriental soup, siomai, rice cake, fried rice, and tea! Green tea in a bottle is sooooo good!! Loved it!!! Did I say I loved it already? Holy cow! LOL

Travel Period: October 2007

Photo Of The Day-- Cake

Wish I could bake a cake like this one here. The problem is I am not so loving of baking food. Too much of work.. *sigh*

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Of The Day-- Sky

On the brighter side of my blog post today I will show you the photos I snapped the other day in the dusk from outside our house-- the sky.  The actual color of the sky in person was more on pinkish there were some scattered orange color but when I uploaded it in my picasa it turned like this (pictures above) more on orange. Though it's beautiful and very dramatic but the pink sky really captivates my eyes of it.  Its so rare. Oh, whatever.. the sky is still beautiful more beautiful when its winter. I'm thinking to get some frames and mounts for the photogs I took a snap for display, what do you think?

The Catastrophe in Haiti

(photo via cnn dot com)

When I learned the Haiti's earthquake aftermath that day my heart was aching and I then cried. It was so depressing seeing lots of people died, scared, sad and hopeless. It was a catastrophe that I couldn't imagine. The whole nation is ruined. They need more an emergency evacuation a descent place for them to hang on. I felt bad for those kids, so bad. I prayed for Haitian's future and for our future as well, may God help us. I do really hate to talk about nega on my blog, it's depressing but reality do bites me. I just wanna express my sincere sorry for what had happened to Haiti, my family contributes to help them as much as we can. Let's just pray for their easy recovery. 

xoxo, Belle

i like.... In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish

(photo via nyccolor)

It has a quick drying formula and has multiple kind of unique shade-of-colors to choose from in which each name it from NYC famous streets.  It is very inexpensive. It cost me $.87 for each bottle at Walmart. 

I am now loving this product. So far I have Manhattan and Bryant Park colors which i love. Next time I have to try Brooklyn, perhaps. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How To Have an Active Lifestyle

It's been awhile since my last regular full exercised. I became too lazy to do it more often times now for some reason. Since then I now suffer body pain-- at my back, and legs. I thought about arthritis symptoms (God forbid!) but its not. You know how very important to be active, moving in a balance way of lifestyle makes our body away from the pain. This way I can be more productive and healthy. I should start now and continue to do this (so help me god.. :)*) forever.

Photo Of The Day-- Stormy and Ducky

Stormy got a friend Ducky. They get along together except with the food.

Franchise Business Opportunity

There are many franchise opportunities out there to choose from for those who are interested in business. Who would not like to have our own business anyway? The question is do we have enough money? Let's save for it if we don't have! LOL Seriously, I dreamed to have my own food businesses like bakery shop, chocolate shop, ice cream shop, specifically a Laduree shop. Though I've never been in to any Laduree shop until now, I just learned it from TV, magazines and blogs that this store is so famous in Paris, France. They made extra ordinary and expensive chocolate, macaroons, and pastries that you would buy more often. If I have a millions of moolah right now I will get a franchise of it here in the USA. Please pinch me!! LOL 

(photo via: Interweb images)

Cooking 101: Baked Chicken Breast with Cream of Mushroom

This is a long overdue post. Thanks to my friend Leah for sharing this delicious recipe of yours and i love it. Yum!! It won't take me too long to prepare though to cook was long but it's worth all the waiting because this dish is absolutely good.

This is how to cook:

1. preheat the conventional oven for about 425 degrees fahrenheit.
2. season the chicken breast with olive oil, salt and pepper.
3. put the chicken breast in the oven safe dish and pour the cream of mushroom on it.
4. bake for about 45 minutes or until the meat is tender.

For the side dish I cook mashed potatoes. Its just so easy. Boil the potato with salt. When it cooked mash it with butter. That's it! How simple and easy.  Try it and enjoy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing Online Games with Kids

I really can't say no to my niece and nephews whenever they asked me for something they like. Sometimes they ask that I can't afford but I always find a way to get something for substitute closest to the original thing they want. They have no choice but to like it, of course it is from USA. Ha! By the way, my niece and nephews are living in the Philippines. So, they like something from here. Anyway, I just got a message from them and demanded me to online on this coming Saturday evening (Eastern time) just to play a Word Puzzle with them through YM. I bet they will gonna beats me! Not that I'm biased but they are smart kids, academically achievers just like me (not!) Haha!, and hyper (though they didn't have adhd medication but still they are so hyper). Soon their family gonna move to Canada for good. I hope these kids won't changed. And love them to death. :)

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I believe of freedom of choice. I don't care if someone undergo the knife in the pursuit of perfection, plastic surgery I mean, because that is their choice, and whatever choice they made they should have take responsibility of it. Many celebrities does plastic surgeries because their type of job has to be perfect all the time. Botox injections, boob job (breast implants), dental implants and nose job are the most common celebrity plastic surgery procedures. Sometimes they ended up with a weird looks. As a regular person implant dentist Plano is what I would like to consider to do for myself other than that its a no-no for me. Unless if I am a celebrity. :) Let us check some photos below with some celebrities after their plastic surgery procedures.

The good

The bad

The ugly

(Photos via plasticsergeant dot com)

Photo Of The Day-- Doggie Biting The Bone

Was this dog a cutie? This tiny dog from our friends is so adorable. He is like a toy, i love him, i wanted to bring him home. :) I snapped these photos when his master gave him the bone and he dig it without a blink of an eye that's how fast he was! So cute.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Computer Addiction

I should have listened to my husband when he told me not to glued at the computer before I go to bed because it will cause me of having a sleeping disorder. I sleep so late at night or until 130AM. True enough, I couldn't sleep right on the dot whenever I go to bed  my eyes get burns and tired from staring at the computer monitor the whole time. You know the feelings of having the side effects of thermotox? It's kinda weird. Also, I always have a headache because of my eyes problem. I made promise myself to stay away from the computer until 10:30PM from now on. I have to compromise my health than this stupid Internet. Hehe.

i Like... Anya Hindmarch Tote Bags

Not only we can find a discount diet pill nowadays but also the "it" bags for women. There are gorgeous-chic bags at Saksfifthavenue such as Fendi, Stephane Verdino, Cole Haan, Juicy Couture and to name the few are on sale right now unfortunately those are not my type of bags. No more hobo for me! I am very much into "tote bag" like I can put my closet in it. Haha! I'm crazy about huge bag. That's my favorite thing. Anyway, the tote bag (i love) of Anya Hindmarch are still  in a regular price as of now. They rarely put on sale on it. The last photos below are the ones I like to have now though I'm crazy about the above photos unfortunately these are no longer available anymore. Its a limited collection, I remember it was on 2007 when Anya Hindmarch started to sell these "I'm not the plastic bag" bags and many women fanatics from Europe, USA to Asia are crazy about this.  It sold right away. Again, unfortunately I couldn't get one whenever I go to Whole Foods the only distributor near me. What a big *sigh*.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i like..... forever21 Dresses

These are the type of dresses I'd like to wear. If only not winter at this time I will dress up like that. They are so cute. Really.

forver21 is always been my type of retail company store to shop since I entered their store back three years ago I was then just migrating here. They have the style of clothes for my taste as a matter of fact it's affordable.

HiTech Celebration

I was up until 1:30AM early today chatting online with my family in the Philippines. It was then at 6:30PM here (Eastern time), January 14, '10, while there is at 7:30AM (Philippine time), January 15,'10 when I started chatting with them through Yahoo Messenger. They actually expected me to online that day because they knew I want to be part of their Sinulog Festival celebration at home.  I was happy to see my relatives and of course my family again through Interwebcam they are likewise happy to see me even I am far far away from them. My uncles are so funny as in they are ignorant of computer they kept looking at the webcam near to their face and thought it's a toy by doing that I barely see their face. Haha! My other aunt thought I am outside the house and said hi back at me by looking outside the window. I was hysterical to the max! LOL My niece didn't told her I can see through the computer. She just made fun out of her. Hehe

Anyway, the Sinulog Festival is a big annual celebration in my hometown in the Philippines. It is for the Catholic religion belief of Santo Nino (Holy Child). This is the most exciting and joyful festivities that I am always looking forward since I was a kid. That is why I made sure to online last night at least to witness my family's celebration. My mom was so busy cooking food in the kitchen, she cooked food that made me drools they shown me the food through webcam-- no mercy! Hehe I love when they all entertained me, my niece and nephews sang and dance for me. My cousin who thought of himself like an idol star sang a song seriously just to empress me like I was gonna hire him to be a recording star. He don't have that great voice, he just has a guts. Haha! So funny. And of course they made my papa sing a song for me in fact I wasn't surprise when he sang and sing his favorite song dedicated to my mama. I heard it many times before. Haayyy .......everlasting love. Hehe. After that papa lie down on the coach (as if he has a treatment of hemorrhoids couldn't stay long to sit). My aunt on the other hand made kwento (share talk) on me about her children and especially her oldest daughter which is close to me that they made a wrong choice in life. At the end she made me laugh because she fashioned show the clothes I gave her. LOL Seven hours straight talking, laughing, and watching them having fun is wasn't enough for me but I have to go to sleep and let them go because their visitors started coming in. I was having fun even I am far away from them but I felt I'm home. It was so surreal. Thank God for the high technology.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hair Is The Glory Of A WOman

Is losing hair a sign of growing age? I don't think so. Because I'm still young and I have now a hair-loss problem. Not that I have sickness-- god forbid!! It just that the skin of my head is extremely dry. I have to admit it has dandruff. *booooo* haha! Whenever I shampooed (using dandruff shampoo) some of my hair loss. It terrified me big time! So that is why I am looking for a natural cure for hair loss that is effective on me to solve this hair loss problem. You know our hair are the crown and glory.

Acne Treatment Solution

A friend of mine wanna know about my secret beauty regimens because she has an acne to get rid of. It wasn't that bad, she just has a couple blotches on her forehead due from her pregnancy. I understand the feelings of being terrible, embarrass, ugly and having self-low esteem because of that acne. Even celebrities feel that way too! I told my friend what I'm using for my face but that doesn't guarantee the good effects on her. There are many different kinds of adult acne treatments that we can buy in the stores anywhere, again, we don't know if its work on us better. It is good to know how severe your acne condition by seeking a dermatologist first before trying those medicines. I think that would help.

(Photo via ninemsn)

Dinner with Friends

Once in a while I have this invitation to come over for dinner at my friend's house in West Palm Beach area which I always go. I like their company we get a long well. The host cook very good food for our meal. This is also one thing I'd love to come. Haha! Hey, don't get me wrong I helped the chores! :) She cooked Filipino dishes which I miss to cook in my own kitchen for some reason. Okay, let me tell you one thing, the reason why I didn't rarely cook Filipino food in my house (for my meal) so that it give me excitement to eat pinoy-food whenever there is a pinoy gatherings I attend to. So, my dinner with friends is something that I am always looking forward.

(Photo: A stolen shot of us watching our friend M cleaning the plates)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why Women Love Shoes

New Year, New Shoes! As what mostly women would say. Ahemmm.. I'm part of it! :) Okay seriously, why mostly women love shoes? This is not just an overstatement
but in real life it's true that women are born being the hoarder of shoes. We couldn't satisfied of just a pair or two! There are many different reasons can every woman give as to why we are so in love of shoes, and as for me shoes are the mirrors of our personality and lifestyle. I like shoes to match my outfits (a pair of shoe can not give a shot--that's why I need more variety), I like to shop shoes because they are always on sale just like the mbt shoes from Swiss Masai. This product will not only change the way you use your muscles, but will improve the use of your joints and spine. The uniquely designed sole, combined with correct training, achieves a more active and healthy posture and walk. Unlike most conventional training shoes that support and cushion your feet, the unique construction of MBT challenges the sole, and the muscles used to form your posture, to be more active. This is tell you why women love shoes--- we likes varieties!

Friday, January 08, 2010

i like...

outdoor fireplaces-- just like the photos below. Aren't they pretty? It's perfect for winter season especially here in South Florida we never had snow just chill-cold-weather. Having these fireplaces outside our house we can stay enjoying the outside as much as we could without the hassle of a cold weather. How I'd love to have these in my patio, you have no idea.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

In Target

Another photos ops.-- I'm glad I brought the camera with me. I was freezing to death when I went there, the cold-wind just blown me away. *Sigh* What i love about Target are their not so cheap quality and style apparel compare to Walmart. I'm talking about clothes, shoes and accessories but when it comes to fresh produce and dried food I would prepare Walmart (since they sells the same food products) there's no doubt Walmart price are a lot cheaper there.

Target has Mossimo, Converse, Merona collection and so many other nice-chic brands with an affordable tag price. They are "in" when it comes to latest fashions style. That is why ilove it..

Funny thing is the photos I attached here are contrary to my post-- haha! Honestly I'm too shy to snap a pix when I'm in the apparel section, there were too many people around I don't have guts! LOL

Once in a Blue Moon

I was able to captured the "Full Moon" last New Year's Eve when the husband and I stayed in our balcony watching at the fire crackers from our neighborhoods. It was brilliant! Experts said this will happen once in a blue moon on New Year's Eve. That's why I took the chance..

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

FoodTrip: Mongolian Beef

Dinning out at our favorite Chinese restaurant (in a cold-windy day) yesterday. After we found a table, we ordered hot tea right away just because we are shivering from the coldness outside. Grrrr..

i love Wanton Soup perfect during winter it brings warm into my body, not to mention it taste good, their broth is just perfect-- 5 stars!!
For my main entree I ordered Mongolian Beef with fried rice of course.. but why oh why their Mongolian Beef taste different from other Chinese restaurants? That I don't understand. Can somebody explain it to me?! :) I was expecting the same Mongolian Beef I always had from the Philippines. We had the best Chinese Mandarin restaurant there. I swear! Those restaurant are always packed with people they never running out of customers even bad time. Ha! But hey, the Mongolian beef I had yesterday is not bad at all, I ate most of it. I gave 3.5 stars for it but I won't order it again.

Playing with Camera

When boredom strikes me, here I am playing with the camera! Too bad.. LOL One thing I like with my husband is his been playful of my whims. I guess, we never grew up! LOL Please bare with my bathroom there were cluttered everywhere! I haven't touch nor clean it yet I've been lazy lately (it's because of the cold weather-- excuses!!! hahaha). See? I have time to pose with the camera. The nerve. LOL Sometimes it is good to have fun, it feels young. Right?

Sunday, January 03, 2010


I watched this movie last night with the husband, I'll tell you, there are none boring scenes in this movie. James Cameron (the writer and the director of this movie) is a genius! I'm not exaggerating. Avatar is just pretty awesome! I love it.

The message of  the story? Many. It's all up on you on how you interpreted it. My husband interpretation is quote: "all living things depend on each other in the cycle of life, and that mankind should not exploit living things for greed ". Unquote: He's right. I agree.

My interpretation-- is that there is no impossible when it comes to love.

How about the story? Its magical, full of actions, love, science fictions.  Very well done.

How about the characters? I was frustrated by Jake Sully (the lead actor, played by Sam Worthington) his out of control at first especially when he became an Avatar went to the island of Na'vi he gets lost! Well later on, I'm glad he did because he mets princess alien Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldana-- she was great!) and they fall in love. The villain Colonel Quaritch was made me angry. I hated him! duh!!! (that's why he called villain) LOL            

The cinematography, sounds effect, the graphic designs are beyond imaginations. It's beautiful!

You'll see how the movie affected me? Just because it created very well done. So watch na!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcoming 2010

of my very special way. Husband and I had dinner at home. I cooked bruschetta (bread), vegetables + pasta stew, plus I bought a honey ham, olives and red wine. We've watched documentaries about the history and origin of Barbarians from Asia, East and West (while having our dinner). What a lovely start for a new year! I had a blast.   .

Before the New Year's eve I made sure to prepare our little desserts which I bought (a little of everything) earlier today. These are belgian chocolate cheese cake, napoleon chocolate cake, truffles, and cinnamon walnut rugulach. Ahhhh, sweets!! But a glass of hot tea drink made these food a little less sweeter. The husband and I enjoyed it. While we're feasting it all we watched the New Year countdowns in Time Square NY through the live stream video in the Internet. That was it, 2009 is a history, 2010 is a new story. I can't believe the time flies so fast-- 2010 is already here . Happy New Year!