Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dogs Instinct

It rained yesterday morning while Stormy and I burrowing under our blanket. By the time we woke up the rains subsided at around 11am so I took the chance to walk Stormy out. It was gloomy and windy outside. We stayed for so long to have a good stretch after lying on the bed more than 8 hours. Stormy did poo one and two then head back home afterwards.

Later around 12 noon Stormy bothered me. I ain't pay attention. She never stop bothering me until I gave up and annoyed her. I know what exactly she wants because when I stood up from my chair she ran towards our front door meaning she wanna go out. So we off and head out. Outside the weather was so strange dark, cold, windy and drizzling. Stormy does her job right away again poo one and two. And head back home quickly. Little did I know the rains poured heavily outside with the estrange wind. Thank god I listened to Stormy. She knew what will happened that's why she poo and pee before anything bad happens. And I heard that there were Twisters hit in our neighbor city. You see how smart the animals are? They really have a good instinct around them. They can see and feel that we man can't.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The LA Source of Discounted Electronics

You don't need to fly in L.A. just to shop for the great deals merchandises they have in there. I know they have many crazy outlet stores that you could buy with amazing price of ipods, cameras, cell phones, jewelries, clothes and shoes, and many others name it they got it! All you need to have now is Internet computer at home because in just one click away you can shop online at the source dot california. They offered great discounted products online. Check it now!

Great Idea For Men's Gifts

I don't think it's hard to find gifts for men. They are in fact the most easiest to get. Men are not complicated than women because we don't have to deal with emotional feelings with them. They could careless. Unlike with women we have to think more before to buy something in order for her to satisfied. We have to consider her feelings and whatever possible she could say, right? That's why I said that women is harder to find gifts than men as contrary to what many people said.

When I buy gifts for the husband usually I bought him personalized stuffs of his favorite ball game team, or electronics, or clothes and shoes. He would really appreciate it. I found this website (www dot resportsinc dot com) very interesting they are making personalized basketballs, personalized baseball, football and etcetera for  mens gifts that I'm sure they would love to have. Great idea eh?

Reminiscing 90's Music: Don't Let Go by En Vogue

Sure, they're one of the great female group singers in the 90's. My high school and college's days, how can I forget?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

i Like.... Chippendale Swing Beds

We still experiencing cold weather once in awhile here in the Sunshine state even though Spring is officially here. I guess that's how the Spring season is scattered rains once in awhile or sometimes cold. I don't care as long as it won't snowed. That's all matters. We have a beautiful warm weather today. Outside the Sun is so bright. She's lovely.

And my inspiration today is SUNNY. There are many things I could possibly do outside since the weather is just perfect. Walking down the trails at the park, swimming in the beach, going to the flea markets, and or swinging on the swings! Chippendale Swing Bed is one of the great outdoor furniture we could have. The photos attached below are speaks louder than words. They are gorgeous, aren't they?

Okay too much about my day dreaming inspirations. It's time to go and I'm off for farmers market now. Have to buy food. Hope you guys have a wonderful fun weekend.

DISNEY WORLD- Where the Magics Are.

When I was a kid cartoon movies or shows was not my cup of tea. I hate to watch them. Because I don't like the pictures in my eyes they were sooooo not real (well, that's why they called it "cartoon" anyway). Even though Disney created Mickey Mouse and made it very famous I'm still not so thrilled about it. My childhood escapade were all about street games that mostly of my playmates where always wanted to play with. Thing's change until the televisions and computers took over from our old lifestyle. I became so attached of what they called high technologies and now familiar of what's new in the world could offer. When toys  could be found everywhere in the markets. When televisions were necessity in every household. That's how I started to appreciate Disney's creations they ruled the cartoons world, their merchandising are everywhere. Watched about Disney Parks on TV and heard from other people who had experienced to step foot in those parks made me wanna go.

My destiny brought me into the new world where my dreams became reality. How does it happened is a long story but a great journey. When I got married my husband asked me where to go for our honeymoon. The only place I said to him was Disney World. Some people may laughed at me because of all places why I chose Disney. I'll tell you, I have no regrets at all. If my husband would ask me again for our honeymoon my answer would still be the same. :)

Because we're a honeymooners we got Disney vacation packages which was convenient for us. We stayed at one of their beautiful French cottages where there were lakes around the area. So cool. Part of the package was having a "fastpass" to used for any parks entrance, rides, and shows without having to wait for a long queue lines.   Every parks has its own theme where magics can be found.  Everything are made for fun, fun and so much FUN that you couldn't imagine in real life. No age limits. Everybody could enjoy. 





Thursday, March 25, 2010

Online Custom Products

Out of too many gifts list my nephew gave me last year for a task that is impossible to be done ASAP since money is out from my pocket only few were already crossed on his list. As I'm looking for possible accomplishment here I plan to get him a USB that is one on his gifts list. Today I search online for an affordable one and I've stumble upon this website www dot usimprints dot com that has plenty of cuties custom-made stuffs. They have custom usb drives, water bottles, tote bags, keychains, custom mugs, and many more. The Silicone Usb memory band is perfect for my nephew. I'm sure he would love it. I'm excited for him. Others are good for the husband. Now I know what gifts to gave him next time. I have to bookmark this website now!

Jotter Bundle Set With Business Card Holder And Pen

Silicone Usb Memory Band


Oval Shape Flash Drive

Dog Sleeping Disorder

Does dog have sleeping disorder too? For some unknown reason my furkid Stormy couldn't sleep in between the night for sometime now. She disturbed our sleep real big time, although we understand that she doesn't mean it. What she all did during those times was keep walking back and fort too bad our floor don't have rag on it for not hearing the stepping noise. Ironically she slept the whole morning like a baby in her cocoon. Her jobs are supposed to wake me up in the morning you know she licked my face until I wake up (You heard it right, I'm not kidding she really did that to me before) and guards us night and day.

Since she has to take her medicines every morning I have to force her to wake up from her deep sleep. Ahh... poor little thing I felt bad. That's why today I made a breakfast in bed. for her. Could you imagine that? She is such a spoiled furkid dog. Hehe Yeah, I put the plate with her food, and medicines in it on bed right next to her. She didn't even bother to touch it right away. She ate it until 12:30pm. How did I know? Because she went down stairs where I'm at asked me more food. So cute. Other than that she is fine. Hopefully her sleep will back to normal soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bruno Is Not Soooo Borat

This has been my super late reviews of Bruno (2009) movie from Sacha Baron Cohen. You know the famous guy who portrayed Borat. I got a chance to watched this last year but it's just now I remember to post about it. But anyway, I don't find Bruno as funny as Borat at all. This movie is very crude and offensive. This is definitely for gay movie. I don't like the sex scenes of Bruno with his boy friend which they showed the private part of his body looks terrible. It seems like he took enzyte some medicine for male enhancement. lol

There are shocked and disgusted scenes between the laughs or even during the laughs. I was not too happy at the end. Not as satisfied as Borat.

Quick Trim by Kim and Kloe Kardasian

Do you have problem on losing weight so you can fit into your favorite dress or jeans? Then, QuickTrim will help you make a good impression. It is a deliciuos lemonade flavored drink to help rid the body of excess water weight, belly bloating and intestinal bulk. This drink have been used in Hollywood for many years to help actors, models and celebrities look slim and sexy. It is promoted by Kim and Kloe Kardasians as the ultimate way to be slim, fit, and sexy. But all this aside, what matters most is the consumer  testimonials and reviews about quick trim. For more reviews and information about Quick Trim products try visiting at www dot quicktrimreviews dot net.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Arts Festival

The city of Coral Springs where I live is having a yearly Arts Festival. Yesterday I went for the first time- out of curiosity, you know. I really wouldn't mine going out alone since my girl friend wants to come with me so I came with her. The two of us enjoyed taking the food samples and looking at the vendors merchandises. They have great displays, and fun entertainments too. Many people went to that festival along with their dogs. I enjoyed watching the dogs the most there than the merchandise displayed maybe because I had no plans  to buy at all. Hehe Does my excused sound more legit? LOL

In all fairness, the said festival was great. They did a very good job. It's clean and they have plenty of very nice vendors. I would definitely go back next year along with mom and grandma this time.  That's for sure.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fast Weight Loss

Are you so desperate to lose more weight? I know there are so many different ways to lose weight. Weight loss pills, liposuction, weight loss programs, and etcetera. But did you know that not every weight loss methods are the same? That is why you have to understand the pros and cons of each method so you can be best informed. Fastweightloss dot net is your source for weight tips and reviews. So if you want to have a quick weight loss visit their website because they are commited to providing you with reviews of the best weight loss solutions available in the Internet.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Can you believe how time flies so fast? Today is St. Patrick's Day and the next thing I know is Holy Week again. Arghh! Time to do something better now..oh god help me. *Sigh*

Well, speaking of St. Patrick's Day...
I'm not an Irish and so as my husband. That's why we're not celebrating St. Patrick's Day. But we know how important this "special day" to Irish people and for that we will greet you a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy and more luck to come.

What makes me and an Irish connected to each other are the The Corrs and U2 bands. You know how much I love their musics. If only I could find a leprechaun the only wish I would ask him is to meet and watch the live concert of one of my favorite song performers in the world the two famous Irish singers "The Corrs and Bono of U2." Listening their songs make my spirit alive it's like when I'm having the best acne treatment in the world. I feel inspired. Wish. Wish. Wish

Look what I have found in Youtube? The two of my favorite bands singing together video. How quick my wish could came true. Funny. LOL

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saks Fifth Avenue Promos

Saksfifthavenue keep sending me online promos of their merchandising. Too bad I don't have money to splurge for their expensive items. On the other hand, I like when they notified me about it to use as for my inspirations. For example, this coming Spring I should know what shoes or dresses color are in, or what type of designs are good for Spring, etcetera.  I like the Tory Burch flat shoes and tote bags collection. They are soooo me! 

Anyhow, my girl friend and I are planning to go out this weekend. We're just doing some girl-thing nothing's fancy because we both are jobless. LOL I hope she wouldn't changed her mind.  This is a date that I am looking forward to happen because reason number one; I'd like to go and see our local art festival. I heard they have plenty of local artists showing their piece at the said festival. I'm sure they have vendors there too. And some great entertainers. Reason number two; my friend wanted to go to Sawgrass mills mall for window shopping. She never been there before. I would love to go there too it has been awhile since my last visit. There are lots of photos opportunity if this would be happens. The only thing I hesitant to take photos when I'm inside the posh boutiques like Nordstorm, Saks5thave. Blomingdales, etc because of their security cameras around the room. It so embarrassing if they caught me taking pictures of their shoes and bags. They would think I am a spy or a mystery shopper. hehe

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Saving Time and I'm Sick

Dear Blog,

When the-daylight-saving-time-begins the other day my body clock changed. Because the sun is up until 8pm I now slept late. I don't like to go back anymore of my late sleeping habit and woke up too late in the next morning. For me it's not healthy.That's why I hate when the day stays longer. Oh well.. I'm not complaining. Just saying.

Today I feel awful. I'm not 100% well. My throat is souring, my head is aching and so is my lower back body. These are due of women sickness every month. I did some Yoga stretching thought it might help the pains away but it didn't work as what I've thought. Ibuprofen did help.  Anyhow, today I cooked chicken with parmesan sauce for lunch and jasmine rice to go with it. The food is good I'll post the recipe of it  next time because my dog is demanding to go out NOW. 


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Human Growth Hormone Supplements

Human Growth Hormone or HGH is used to treat growth problems. It is sometimes prescribed for children who are not growing properly and have low levels of HGH production on their bodies. It is also used by some adults who have had radiation to treat an illness such as cancer that may hinder production of HGH. Other people with AIDS are sometimes put on HGH to help maintain and build up muscles. This is also used for those people who have severe alergies. Just like when I had hives my doctor prescribed me to take HGH, and it really works so fast. Wondering what's the best hgh supplements with the highest consumer ratings? Visit besthghsupplements dot org for more informations.

i Like... Spring 2010 Shoes and Dresses

i Like... the Urban Outfitters vintage Spring2010 dresses collection.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Anti Wrinkle Cream

Some of you might not heard about Strivectin for anti wrinkle cream of the infomercials. And some of you might ask does strivectin works? Well, you should try it for yourself in order for you to know if it is best for your skin problem. But before that I recommend to read the product reviews first. You can read many unbiased reviews from those legit people who had been tried the products for years. You can also read the benefits and side effects of the said anti wrinkle cream. For more information visit at strivectinreviews dot net.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

I've been watching so many good movies lately, I took the credit to my husband for that because he has such a great choice when it comes to pick a movie. Either actions, comedies, dramas, sci-fis, cartoons, or short films. He doesn't like my romantic movies (booooooo!!hehe) though. I don't blame him.

Anyhow, he made me watched this Johnny Depp 1993's movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" , and I LOVED it! Depp was, is, and will ever be a good actor, and so undeniably adorable. Juliette Lewis was in the movie too and so was Leonardo Di Carpio.  I think this was Leo's second movies and was nominated as best supporting actor in many awards giving bodies including the Academy. He was very young in this movie. I think he was twelve or thirteen then. Very young. His acting ability here shows how good Leo was and until now. Portraying as an autistic is not easy but he nailed it! I think he deserves an award.

This movie is about Gilbert Grape played by Johnny Depp who lives his whole life in the small town called Endora where nothing much happens.  He was the bread and butter of his family. Worked in a small local grocery store, taking care of his autistic brother and pretty much had a hard time to enjoy his private life.

Despite all the odd circumstances happened of his personal life and family. Gilbert Grape still wouldn't give up his own family and unselfishly put behind his personal wants. And that made me touched and cried. He only wanted for what's best of his family.  One of the best scene when he said to his girl friend that "for mom, I wanted her to take aerobics class so she could lose her weight, and that people would not laugh at her anymore."

It's funny but true. In this time of age obese people like her would take diet pills right away. But that's not what the case in this movie. It is about family matters, love and happiness. At the end I realized that there is hope. That everything happens in our life has reasons.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Anti Aging Reviews

There are so many anti aging products out there but the ones that work on you are just hard to find. Most of the time you opt to try the products on your own risk without knowing the effectiveness of it until you got the worst result at the end since you can't afford to pay the visits of a dermatologist. Anti aging products are often not worth the money that you have to pay for them. So many companies develop ineffective formulas and sell them to you to make a quick profit. Try to research the products first and compare the reviews and see if it works on you. Visit the antiagingproduct dot org for the product reviews.

Snow Birds

Spotted at the parking lots in moms place during soooo cold day last month. They were screaming for food. Yes, mom and I feds them with bird seeds mom had for her birds OZ and Harriet. I love how they flew around me. They are so adorable.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Training Institute

Back in the days where I worked as a Sales and Marketing Officer in a printing company in the Philippines I attended many different kind of trainings to educate me more in business related of my job. I get paid to trained and all other expenses by the company. Those are the time where we have nothing extra ordinary things to do except eat, listen with the educators and sleep. Those are the time where I can mingled my other co-workers in a long hour when there were no annoying boss disrupted us from talking. I really miss those days.

I know of many training institutes does that here. One is the Everblue who does energy auditing, solar and wind training, leed certification and training courses and green training courses. They provides training to help us succeed in the green economy. For more information visit their website at everblueenergy dot com.

Photo Of The Day: Stormy New Hairdo

She doesn't likes when the hairdresser put ribbon on her head and scarf on her neck. She doesn't likes to  be look funny. That's why I have to snap photo of her with those before it all gone just for my remembrance.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jack Georges- Leather Briefcases and Leather Computer Cases

If only I could turn back time, I would suggest the Jack Georges bag just like the attached photo for my girlfriends laptop case.  
Flashback: late 2007- my husband and I are vacationing to P.I. A week before our flight my girlfriend asking me to get her a laptop case here. Due to lack of time to resource the items I picked up whatever available at my nearest store in the mall. I got her a not so expensive local designer bag. The design wise is okay. The quality wise is so so.  She loves it. Have no complain.


The other day she messaged me that the laptop case I got her two years ago has to go. She's asking me to look for a leather material one so she could used it forever. Now I know what to buy for her.

The Lugano Collection

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Xbox 360

There are many ways for us to get out from boredom life. In these days of age high technologies gadgets are our best friends if not  the best partners. They made to entertain us, and its a lifestyle changing definitely. Online games, Portable games, xbox, PSP, Wii are just a few things to be able to make us happy by playing it. There are many in fact we can do. So start owning them now, they are on sale! at thesource dot ca website.

Vegetarian Food: Jumbo Shell Pasta with Mushrooms and Garbanzo Beans Stuffing

Today I'm having this pasta dish for lunch. This is my own experimental recipe. Not that I'm biased but I could swear to my dead granny that this food is such a delish. :) It really came out good (sorry for gushing again). Because of the fresh and unique combination of the herbs and spices, mushrooms and garbanzo beans.


For the herb- I used fresh Basil leaves and some lemon zest. For the spices- I used onion, garlic and sweet bell pepper.

For the vegetables- I used regular mushrooms (chops), carrots (chops), garbanzo beans (mashed).

For the meat- I used ground tofu.

To cook just saute all the spices with olive oil and cholesterol free butter in 2 minutes, then, add the mushrooms and carrots, lemon zest and a few drops of lemon juice in 5 minutes. Add the garbanzo beans, ground meat and basil leaves, salt and pepper to taste cook for about 3 minutes more.

In case you wondering, of course I boiled the pasta before hand. This is what we need to do first if we cook pasta, right?

So I stuffed the pasta with this stuffing. I add mozzarella cheese on the top of it and drizzled some ground pepper and baked for 5 minutes in 350- Fahrenheit degrees oven. Add any pasta tomato sauce (i used ragu) before dig-it-in.

et viola! enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Freestanding Electronic Fireplace

Are you done of Winter yet? Or are you so looking forward of Spring already? I know, too much cold is nasty and so is hot. We only can have moderate weather inside our house unless you have hot and cold Air Conditioning. Very essentials especially nowadays the weathers are a lot worse. Another way to keep us warm from freezing weather is to keep an electric fireplace in our house like a photograph below. It provides good heating for the kitchen, dining area and bed rooms. It is easy to set up and it adds a nice ambiance too.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Bikram Yoga

photos via here

Bikram Yoga is a set of 26 specific postures which need to be performed in a certain sequence in an environment that is 100-Fahrenheit degrees. Doing Yoga in this environment sweats you real big time. At the end, the rewards could give you peace of mind, stress free, great postures and a beautiful aura.

Because I did Yoga at home in a normal temperatures that doesn't mean I won't get the same results as what stated above. Just because I follow the 26 postures seriously (even though some of them are so hard to do) and two times a day- one in the morning and one in the afternoon. My body is already flexible but not enough to be a guru. Hee hee

I love how it affects my whole body now. It gives me more energy. Well, I used to be energetic back when I was 20'ish, I rarely gets low-bat. In fact, I did Taebo exercises for 3 years then. Somehow my energy gets low when I stopped exercise regularly. But no more lazy butt now. I need to work out, I have to!

What about you are you with me?