Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seen Through My Lens: Bathroom

This hotel restroom is looks creepy but very elegant. The powder room is such inviting thought its a bed room.

Far behind shot of the restroom

Monday, June 28, 2010

Electronic Cigarettes

Have you heard about Electronic Cigarette? I know it sounds strange but it really is there an e-cigarette? Yes, there is! They are a new product which involve a mix of micro-electronic technologies and feel exactly the same as smoking the real cigarette. The product is not full of destructive ash, flames, tar, tobacco, and carbon monoxide. Instead, this technology uses air which is blown through and detected by the internal atomizer, which then injects tiny droplets of nicotine into the vapor stream. The nicotine flavor in these e-cigarettes are not as harmful as the tobacco and chemical that is contains in a real cigarette. You can use this e-cigarette kit over and over again, so there is no need for frequent inconvenient to stops at the store just to buy a cigarette. This has a rechargeable batteries. Very cool ain't it?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Soul for Break Time

This book is my companion whenever my new found gf/colleague is away out during our break time. I spend 30minutes break once in the morning and once in the afternoon everyday in one of the patios at work. Being in the cold office is nice but staying outside with a warm-breezy weather under the kiosk is much wonderful. That's what me and my new found gf/colleague doing whenever we took our break. My energy level to work went back up when my body is warm after staying under the sun for a while. My sleepy head won't makes my eyes turn off. That's why I always make sure to take my break time as much as I could, and bring my Chicken Soup for the Soul book to read in the patio outside the office.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear John

Dear John,

I saw your movie last night it was awesome. Are you by the way the guy in the movie G.I Joe? You looks terrific! Now I'm your fan. Well, there is nothing I don't like about love story that's why I asked my husband to watch your show. Glad I did because I was so giddy watching you... okay, you and Savannah together.  Feels like I'm young and in-love again. Oh young love there is nothing better than that! I felt so bad for you when Savannah broke you up, and felt more upset to her when she didn't even answer your call. Oh well... that is why there is so called "Dear John",  it makes sense to me now.  Good for you when you burnt all her letters and decided to extend to serve your country instead. Now that is courageous! 

Long-distance-love-affair is indeed hard to manage in a relationship, my husband and I had the same experience but we managed it very well because of our overflowing love just like you and Savannah has. The thing is Savannah is so weak for her to cheated on you. I hate her like that. Ah, poor you! She broke your heart into pieces.  How could she, right?

For some odd reason with regards of your dad you left no choice but to go home.  You John made me cry of the scene you and your dad in the hospital showing your affection to him. You're so sweet.  On the other hand, did you know how happy I was because I knew you'll gonna take the chance to see Savannah for clarification too. I'm so glad you did  in order for you to know what the real story was and also for her to certain her feelings on you. It works! To make to story short you John and Savannah are meant to be.

What a happy ending!


Savannah- wanna-be Belle

P.s. I didn't know that Amanda Seyfried is a singer (although I saw her in Mama Mia movie) until I saw the movie Dear John, she sang  Little House one of the soundtracks and I love it, love the lyrics either. 

Little House by Amanda Seyfried

I love this place
But it's haunted without you
My tired heart
Is beating so slow
Our hearts sing less
Than we wanted
We wanted
Our hearts sing 'cause
We do not know
we do not know

To light the night
To help us grow
To help us grow
It is not said
I always know

You can catch me
Don't you run
Don't you run
If you live another day
In this happy little house
The fire's here to stay

To light the night
To help us grow
To help us grow
It is not said
I always know

Please don't make a fuss
It won't go away
The wonder of it all
The wonder that I made
I am here to stay

I am here to stay


P.s.s.  enjoy the rest of your weekend guys! I'm so looking forward to go to work tomorrow (i know, weird!) Happy Father's day to all dad.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gift Ideas for Men

There are so many stuffs that we could buy for a gift on Father's Day for our beloved fathers, husbands, grandfathers, uncles and to all the fathers out there. As of today many huge retailers are having on sale for men merchandises, their promos are very attractive- just for you father! :) Not only in stores are having promos but also in online stores. So many items for men are now marking down like men wrist watches, ties, gps (my husband would love this), men's perfume, electronics, etcetera..

Garmin GPS is by the way a great idea for Father's Day gift since mostly men are likes to drive their car. They loves any electronics and this can also be benefited by the whole family. Smart idea, noh? Heehee I kid, I kid! Okay? Well, I'm just saying that our father deserves to have a special treat this week.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Busy but I'll Take it

So glad that I am no longer unemployed. I got hire by First Data corporation as a customer imaging representative (go figure whatever that mean is..heehee). I just started yesterday. Day one was like a mix feeling of excitement and anxiousness over my new job and with my new colleagues I was relief when everything's turn out to be fined. I had an orientation and training the whole day yesterday I thought my mind is gonna be explode from all those subjects that we tackled in the training- its hard to absorb everything all at once. I went home with my headaches. I was so tired. I couldn't imagine to go back to school again, oh boy, that was exhausted! heehee Today is quite relaxing I get the chance to talk so much time with my colleagues and the manager. I also did actually work my job. Above all I like the benefits I'll be getting, I like my starting salary and I like my office. 

Tomorrow, I have another training session which I'm not looking forward to go (heehee). The lecturer is so boring but what could I do it is part of the company protocols. So, well.. I have to bring chocolate candies  to chew up to keep me awake while on training. Geezzz..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Before the Spring's End

Have to have remembrance... photography galore! I sooo love Spring season hope it'll last.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Quick Post

Okay this is it. This will be my template forever (Not)! No more brown, yellow, and images backdraft as what I have been trying to get a new look  for this blog lately. What I like are just simple and neat. I finally made it!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Oh Hot Chocolat

Drinking hot chocolate every morning is now my new obsession. It all started when I watched the movie Chocolat (2000) of Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp a couple of weeks ago. That movie  really inspired me to try make a hot chocolate. Why not, I love chocolate by all means.  So lo and behold  moi went to a store to get cocoa powder (black&greens organic cocoa powder), rice milk and condensed milk to make my own version of hot chocolate. I decided not to copy the way how in the movie Chocolat did.  Because number one I don't know where to find Mayan chocolate in our neighborhood. Two, I don't like spicy. Three, I don't like too sweet for my drinks. I make strong hot chocolate just like espresso instead. I want simple yet strong hot chocolate. My measurements did get a good result because my hot chocolate taste sooooo good.  Love it!


1/2 cup of rice milk or whole milk
1/2 cup of boiling water
2 teaspoon of bittersweet cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of condensed milk

To prepare:

1. Whisk the cocoa powder with boiling water until the powder dissolves. Sit aside.

2. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, add rice milk or whole milk until bubbles appear around the edge.

3. Reduce heat to low; add chocolate and condensed milk whisking occasionally until chocolate and condensed milk dissolves.

4. Turn off heat.  Serve in small cups and sprinkle a small bit of ground cinnamon.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Les Grossman

Les Grossman played by Tom Cruise in the movie Tropic Thunder made a big part of the show. He is wicked and hilarious. But Ben Stiller is my all time favorite comedian actor. He was in the movie Tropic Thunder, he's the producer, writer and director of this movie too. He is so talented and gifted person. What I liked about this movie is that Ben made a very good story. He let Les Grossman stole the show. Tom Cruise otherwise nailed it and made his character became so famous. No doubt he's a versatile actor. Very talented.


In last night's MTV Movie Awards, Les Grossman played by Tom Cruise stole the show. He did it again! It was so funny. Love when he dances. Yes you, You Tom Cruise is such a freakin talented person! Heehee

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Picnic @ Tradewinds Park on Memorial Day (2)

When we at Tradewinds Park the weather was so perfect. The clouds were very clear despite we're having a bad weather on the way there. By the way, Coconut Creek City is just 20 minutes away from where I live. Not that far. We paid $1.50 per person for the entrance fee (not bad at all since there are so many things you can do there).  Though I haven't tried their trail rides nor horse rides but I assume it is a fun rides to try. Perhaps I'll try them next time.  

They have farm animals too. Some of them were rescued from their abuse masters. Glad to see them fine there now. 

The old house was closed when we went there. It's a vintage house from the original owner where they used to live. I saw the inside of that house before (first time I went) very cool but creepy.

It's a huge park. They were benches all over the place. You can also barbecue there if you want either under the trees or near the water.