Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gold Price

Shopping is my ultimate favorite past time, after all, who would not love shopping anyway? And speaking of shop, I found a very interesting vintage store somewhere down the road here in our neighborhood. I become their frequent customer ever since I found this store. The manager knows me already and she in fact always gave me a discount. To me, it's like a price of gold. Sweet, eh?

With this store I save a lot of money. As compulsive I am with it comes of spending the labor of my hard works, I couldn't imagine how this store change my financial accounts. Hehehe. You know, before I could careless if I spend a $100 or more a week on clothes and some other trash (such a waste), but now no more. I now at least spend a maximum of $58 once or twice a month in this store. With that amount I could get a pair of branded jeans, a bag, a vintage top, jewelries and many others. Sometimes, I spot gold earrings, necklace for just $30. I kid not, really.

I'm telling you this because in this tough economy we have right now I learn how to be frugal and wise yet still fashionable without having my wallet's broken or broke. I feel like I won a gold price. Such a good alterations on me.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld

i love love love Vogue dot com UK for featuring stylist women in their every day  for the month wardrobe. Julia Restoin Roitfeld (I have no idea who she is but I like her fashion style) was  with Vogue's June featured in Today's I'm Wearing blog.

These are my picks out of 30 outfits she have been wore last month hence I'm a dress hoarder. :)  Gorgeous, ain't it?

Friday, July 30, 2010

New York, New York

It always been my dream to go and see New York since I was a kid. Thanks to some of the movies and TV shows who featured the city of NYC where they shoot, and to the walking tours NYC I read in the Internet where I got the idea to go. That Statue of Liberty is so familiar to me even feels more like I have seen it for real before. Oh yeah, I've seen it in many times from my history books, magazines, post card my friend gave me, photos and etcetera for me not to remember it. Ms. Liberty is the most famous celebrity in NYC.

Yes, I live in Florida for almost 4 years now and am still haven't step foot in New York for real. One day I will conquer it and see the beauty of it, that's for sure. As I stumble upon the Guided Walking Tours website I learned so much about their services on how they guided the tourists to any of NYC's culture, food, history far beyond. To have a New York walking tours is a must so they will take us into museum reserves, archaeological sites, private art collections, live shows, and the like.

Credits: Photos via nytourist dot com

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Butter Angel Hair Pasta

As long as I have boxes of pasta at home whether a fettucine, angel hair, or rotini plus olive oil, balsamic vinegar and cherry tomatoes I can make a meal for the whole day out from them. Pasta is so easy to prepare unless if you want a simple recipe like I always prefer. Besides I watch my eat so I won't be needing any of the best fat burning supplement ,you know for loss weight?

In this case, I cooked butter Angel hair with cherry tomatoes. I saute the cherry tomatoes with butter, add salt and ground pepper to taste while boiling the Angel hair pasta in the other pot. When the pasta is cooked mix it all together in the sauteed butter cherry tomatoes. Et voila! Done. For my side dish I use an instant meat made out of tofu(rky) for vegetarian food. Just so you know, I'm not a vegetarian, my husband does. It just so happen that this particular instant meat for side dish is so good, really taste good. That's why I ate it. :)


Above photo was taken by me from last night's full moon. I was walking Stormy outside before we're going to sleep when I noticed the moon. It was huge, so beautiful. It looks so near seems reachable. That's why I took the chance to capture the moment it was too beautiful to ignore. I know, the lunar effected my behavior that's why I was kind a insane about anything yesterday just like the werewolf. :)

Growth Hormone

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jolie-Pitt's Kids

So adorable! Her kids makes Angelina more sexy, I don't know why or am I just blind? :)

Credits: Photo- people

The Yankees Game

As of this time A-Rod is yet hitting his No.600 home run. It has been a week since A-Rod hits his last home run, until then he is chasing endlessly to get his No.600 home run all time records. Many of his fans (like me) are following the Yankees games in our Dish Network to witness this I know he must be restless and anxious about getting a home run that is why he couldn't hit one until now. I'm sure it will come in the right time.

I learned somewhere in the news paper that part of A-Rod's contract packages with the Yankees ornization is he will be getting million of dollars if he passed the all time baseball records. If this is true, wow, what a lucky man!

On the other hand, the Yankee team has the best baseball's record despite of their struggling bullpens and Andy Pettitte's injury. Hopefully they will win in their division up until the world series. I just hope we won't experience a technical problems of our Dish Network by the storm and lightning while watching the Yankee series because I really don't wanna missed every single game of the Yanks. It sucks if it does happen. I hate to check the TV service guide every now and then to reload the chanel system. So annoying.

Does other television service provider is like that too? If not I will get an option to try Direct TV as our television services provider if that would be the case.  

i Like... Rain Boots

I never own any rain boots nor have tried wearing on it ever since only because  it is not necessary. Now that I'm living here in Florida where rain's always come a pair of rain boots should be needed I guess. When I went in Target a week ago I've seen so many rain boots in different colors and styles on sale I held my desire to buy one because I'm saving up money right now to get something like these ones in below photos. Aren't they gorgeous? Someday I'll be owning one of them! :)

Tall Rubber Rain boots

Gloss-Finish Original Rain Boots

Check Rain Boots

Guys Shouldn't Be Planning Weddings

The Author of this post is Joe Martinez

Okay, guys aren't supposed to plan weddings, right? I have no idea how I got myself into this. Well, maybe I do. I am the one that proposed. But now that I think about it, I think it was all a trick. My fiancé at the time constantly begged me about popping the big question. I finally did it - with flair - but she told me that she was going to be the one planning the wedding. She might have been telling the truth; she started planning everything, but like always, she became overwhelmed and couldn't do it anymore. She said that if she had to continue she was going to lose her mind and that we would have to just fly to Vegas. I wasn't down with that option, so I began my research and communications. I logged on to my houghes net and got to work.

It might sound as though I was excited about all of this, but that's not the case. It was actually a lot more work than I expected. I guess my wife has a point when she says that women always have tougher jobs to do. I always thought it was just that women couldn't handle stress as well, but this is not the case. I have witnessed first-hand what it's like to plan a wedding. Luckily, everything worked out. More importantly, she appreciated my hard work. I think that's a big reason why we're a happily married couple. I'm very glad I found such great hughesnet internet packages.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vogue Video Diaries: Gwyneth Paltrow

For August 2010 Vogue issue Gwyneth is their cover girl. Here is the cover shoot video from


The Horizon

One of Myrtle Beach best hotels is the Horizon at 77th. This resort lies conveniently in the heart of Myrtle Beach, at a tranquil place where you can dash easily in your bare feet and bathing suit out the front door to the beach beyond, only a few feet away.  See below.

Through this website at we can find their special packages and rates which give us a great option for saving money on our summer vacation. They have this Alabama Theatre Package with accommodations and daily breakfast including show tickets to a live performance show. Spa Escape Package, Golf Specials, Attractions and many more.

Being in the Myrtle Beach hotel during this hot summer time is something that I wanted to do just to relax and unwind to see beautiful sunrises or sunsets along the coastline.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Address Plagues

I constantly (everyday) search the Internet of something that finds interest me there are so many out there that you could imagine, I found some odd things and or perfect ideas for me to do sometimes in the Internet. There is this one which made me think of to have for my home address sign although I already have but I wanted to changed it for a change.

Oh yeah, there are so many unique designs or if you want to have a custom designs for your home address plaques they offer that for whatever we desires.  It really makes me think about to get one, I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind because they guaranteed a very lowest prices.

The Gossip Girls

In the Gossip Girl TV series show Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf (played by Blake Lively and Leighton Meester) are the privileged young women attend an elite private school in New York's Upper East Side, New York City. Blair and Blake were, are best of friends here. To make the story short they hate and love to each other always have a drama. Since they are filthy rich people they have all the privilege in the world. They always wear beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelries. I love love love their styles. Sometimes they wore haute couture dresses that only rich people can do. I like both of them even though Blair is so mean sometimes.
Blake and Blair




 Gossip Girls

Credits: via- people

Modern Living Designs

One of my favorite things to do is designing my home interior since I don't have a back yard that's my only focus right now. I love combining the vintage and modern stuffs for my home. I'm no expert of designing though I just follow and play whatever things that I like. I really don't mind if it is designer modern furniture or not as long as the price goes with my budget. If only I have money in the world, or trees growing money instead of fruits I would buy all the designer modern furniture I want. Haha! 

It's okay to dream big as long as we are happy  and striving to work harder just to reach our dream without harming other people.  That's why I'm telling you this... My dream is to have a bedroom like this one here. Minimalistic.

For bedroom furniture, this is what I like a tremendous mirror to see my whole self.

For dining room furniture, this is what I like a buffets table. What a gorgeous!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Planters and Pots

Would you believe that we can shop of planters and pots online? I've told you so! We can have most everything through online nowadays. Amazing isn't? Yes, it is. Through ePlanters dot com you can shop a huge selection of Planters and Pots of every size, style, finish, and material. They offer free shipping on all Planters, lower price protections, and you can only found exclusive products through them. Visit their website for more information.

This Window Box Planter feature a bowed front and raised panel design that is complimented by pronounced crown molding. Easy to assemble with the very durable materials.

The Garden Planters in White help keep your plants healthy while enhancing the look of your landscape. It provides a better flow of nutrients to your plants than traditional potting and drainage systems. Easy to assemble with the very durable materials.

Kate Bosworth

She's a chic-blond-girl who knows how to carry her clothes.  Kate is one of my favorite stylish star. Absolutely love her coolness styles from casual to formal attire. So chica!

Credits: via- people magazine


Today almost every home has a computer with Internet access, and mostly people now are spending more time on their computer than television. We can truly find everything in the Internet from online schools, online games, online shop, online shows, online movies, etcetera. That's why many of companies have their own websites to promote for its businesses whether they are small or medium size of business.

Internet Marketing is the best way to attract consumers in world wide web that's why superb dot net offers their services for your business needs such as web domain, colocation hosting,  superb dedicated server, and they managed hosting solutions to create a worry-free IT environment very well.

Vogue Video Diaries: Blake Lively

She's Serena Van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl (whom I wanted to be in my next life. Lol kidding!) is Vogue June cover girl.  Here is the another super level of Vogue video diaries for her cover shoot. I am now super addicting of this video diaries. I heart! :)

Credits: via- Vogue

Liquidation Warehouse Deals

If you want to be a wholesale distributor and or want to have a resale business please consider the Liquidity Services Inc. through their website Liquidation dot com marketplace that includes auction recommendations placed throughout the site to help buyers find they need. They offer wholesale items in bulk at a very lower prices that way you can generate high enough profit margins on resale. Basically their products are the overstocks from many giants retailer companies that's why its prices are very affordable.

Friday, July 23, 2010


My body is calling for Yoga or ab workout, cardio exercise right now. It has been a long time (like a month) since my last exercises. Since I'm working back full time again plus blogging the whole day is not enough for me. Wish the day is long. Wish I have a lots of time to do all the things I wanted to do in a day. Sigh. Well, I'll try my best I can to manage my time properly starting tomorrow. I swear tomorrow I'll do some workouts.

Tropical Storm Bonnie

We are warned since yesterday about the possible coming of tropical storm Bonnie here in South Florida starting today (Friday) until this weekend. I was a bit panicked when I heard that yesterday I then called my husband from the office if we need more bottles of water, dry food or batteries, he said no. He assured me that Bonnie won't come. Alright then. I hanged up.

It rained so heavy early this morning around 5AM I believe I'm not quite sure because I was trying to close my eyes to get more sleep. Stormy was restless the whole night and I couldn't sleep straight because she makings noise. Unbelievable. This morning the weather was nasty, windy, wet, dark sky- a sign of storm. The weather condition actually is tropical depression Bonnie, now that is scary.  My husband told me that Stormy was pushed on the ground by the strong winds this morning when they walked outside. It did wind so strong early today in just for a while. Hopefully Bonnie won't stay here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rehabilitation Center

Whenever I go to the church I always passed by the place where there were so many young people around that community area with a name tag on their t-shirt. I saw them exercising and playing games. I am curious and wonder what was their doing there. When I learned the name of the place I Googling it, and found out that that area is an alcohol treatment center and also for drug rehab center. Now I know. That's why their center is also near in the church for them to be nearer in God.

Life is getting harder especially of this day in age. Many teenagers and adults are now addicted into drugs or alcohol, or both. Problems like that has a huge impact in our environment, ones life or for themselves. It is their choice anyway. But we also have chances, like a chance to heal, and live better.

However, if you need alcohol treatment or drug treatment try to consider Axis House for your personalized drug rehab treatment center. They welcome to treats all sectors of the adult population, regardless of sex or religion.

Steve Madden Oxford Shoes

A pair of shoes is not enough for me. I have to say that I am a shoe hoarder but it has to be on sale! Speaking of sale summer in USA has huge huge sale in retails everywhere. Steve Madden won't left behind check it out their website because the Oxfords shoes like these ones in the photos are on clearance. How can I go wrong if I buy this all? Oh god help me.. LOL love the Tirah though very neat.




Oh how time flies so fast! Being busy at work is definitely helps me forget the time goes by just like that. Works can be tiring sometimes that is why it's also important for us to get away from work and do fun. I so wanna go somewhere down the road, have I mentioned about South Carolina Myrtle Beach vacation deals the other day? Yes, I did because I really wanna go there. To relax, swimming, to watch live stage show, hiking or golfing.

When I checked the link early this afternoon I found out their latest events Kenny Rogers (the classic country singer- i love!) is going to have a concert at the Alabama Theatre, Myrtle Beach.  Not only that they've so many other on-going events so if you are interested just visit their website for more information, and for Mrytle Beach hotel details.

Carrie Preston

I love Carrie in Sex in the City show only because she got  a very good fashion style. How I wish I have a closet like her too.

Photos credit- via: imdb

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vogue Video Diaries: Sarah Jessica Parker

Her May 2010 Vogue cover shoot. I really adore her.

via: Vogue

Just 5 bucks at UrbanOutfitters

They never ceases to amaze it!

Via: UrbanOutfitters

The Car Connection

My knowledge about car is only limited as I am not into a car kind of girl. Oh please just leave it with men  they know all about cars. That's their toy. When asked what's my favorite car? My answer is the car I have  right now cause that's the only car I ever have. I honestly don't have much interest of cars. As long as I can drive to go to any places I'm fine with what car is available to use.

But you have no idea how I'm taking care of our car. So clean. No, it is not a chrysler 300 car (how I wish!) but a Ford Focus. A five year old car but with still has a good condition. I have no problem with it.

Since my husband and I are sharing the car we have right now we somehow plan of getting a new one so we can have each car. Don't know what to get for our second car yet, it's hard to pick, there are so many choices! We are currently reading reviews about cars in the Internet  at  thecarconnection dot com so when we gets ready to buy one we know exactly what we want.

Right now we are interested of...


 or acura mdx

Olivia Palermo

Last April 2010 issue of Vogue UK Olivia Palermo (the star of The City) was chosen to feature in "Today I'm Wearing" portion. These are my picks of all the dresses she wore in the whole month of April.  She's so chica!