Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mushroom Ramen

Flipping my old cook books or magazines when I don't know what to cook for dinner is somehow a big help especially when at times of my laziness.

While flipping through pages I came across with this simple recipe the Mushroom Ramen. Luckily I have two pouches of ramens I bought last month perfect for this recipe. I'm starving so I have to try this. To cook is just easy no sweat required. 

This is my finish cook. Not bad at all. I ate everything in just one sitting. Yum!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Online Education

Adults who wish to further their education without leaving the workforce have went to Walden University since 1970. In 2010, Walden takes distance learning to the new millennium. The Chronicle of Higher Education has reviewed Walden. Other opinions online show that Walden University is an efficient faculty for individuals who can't commit to a standard higher level Education as a consequence of schedule or traveling. 

The course schedule is claimed to be versatile sufficient to complete all work in a timely fashion. Other opinions describe the professors as understanding and encouraging. The admission office gets good reviews for being accommodating and friendly.

2010 Emmy Awards- Best Dress

Last night's Emmy Awards was very successful. The red carpet is what I've always looking forward when there is a Hollywood awards event. Just to see the glamorous gowns, blings and shoes of the Hollywood stars. Without further ado here are my favorite gowns from last night Emmy Awards. So fab!

Tee Times

It's still hot. Summer is not over yet. We still have more days to enjoy this hot weather before winter is arrive.  Oh how I love to go to South Carolina for a vacation. Wish, wish, wish!

Meanwhile, my husband's business partner is always talking about tee time that how he wish to take a break from office work just to go to one of the Myrtle Beach golf courses with my husband. I know they need a break, they work so hard. A fun vacation can take their stress away. I so convince my husband to go with his partner cause when I checked this link http://www.myrtlebeachgolf.net yesterday I found out that they have so many promos and Myrtle Beach golf packages this summer time.

They have variety of courses available on the Challenge Select Package, includes accommodations and all fees. He's smiling when I told all these good news to him. He has to talk to his partner first then we'll see.

Guilty Pleasure: Sushi and Siomai

Every once in a while I drop by at Japanese/Chinese buffet restaurant for some sushi and siomai to take out. I craved siomai most of the time just like fried chicken. These are my favorite foods. So when I crave for it that Japanese/Chinese buffet restaurant is where I always go. 

Last Saturday after I grocery shopped I then went to that restaurant. I love how they accept to go for their food even though they're buffet so that I can save the rest of the food I couldn't finish for later. I'm a slow eater and I don't eat much that's why getting take out food is perfect for me rather to dine-in in a buffet restaurant where I paid whole but ate only half. :)

I'm strange, I know. But this works for me.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Casablanca Fans

There are so many different kinds of ceiling fans are in store nowadays but I still have a hard time to know which ones are the best. I am looking for ceiling fans to replace the ones I have right  in our living room and in our bed rooms they're too old and makes noises when its on. We barely use it during bed time because the noise awakening us. Now that is summer ceiling fans are great alternative to cool the entire house and to save more electricity buy not using the a/c all the time. I found and read great reviews of Casablanca fans in the Internet today, above photo is one of their products that I like. It match our wood floor. I guess I have to consider this.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Club Monaco Springs 2011 Collection

These are the types of clothes I could wear. Very simple but modern, girlish, filled with classically tailored staples. It can be wear season after season. It never run out of styles.  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Glee Season 2

Glee season 2 will premiere on September 21 (next month) on Fox at 8 pm (Eastern Time). People.com reveals that they will gonna have the Britney Spears episode by paying tribute to her in a sort of fun and unexpected way. Also, Charice will be guesting on Glee as well. I really can't wait!

My Dream Outdoor Lounges

If only I could have the gazillion money in the world I will travel everyday, build my dream house, and I will buy the things I don't have. :) Just like many other women designer clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelries are always what we wanted to have. Sure, only if I have the gazillion moolah, why not, right? Well, when my dream home is built then I'd love to put all these outdoor chaise lounges whether in the garden or in the pool area. How wonderful life would it be. Can somebody pinch me now? Sigh.
As what Aerosmith song goes dream on, dream on, dream until my dreams come true! haha

Biarritz Chaise Lounge Double

Hallo Wicker Outdoor Daybed

Maia Outdoor Double Chaise with Canopy

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drew Barrymore Vintage Dress

If the Hollywood star like Drew Barrymore can wear vintage clothes then why can't I?

Quote: via- stylelist.com

"It was $25 and she bought it at a vintage store in Austin, Texas," her rep told StyleList.

"I never have time for shopping," the actress told the mag this month. "I like it...I think? If I ever do go shopping, I hit thrift stores..." Drew Barrymore said.


Once you hit the vintage store you never know what you'll be getting it's like digging the treasures.  She's truly an inspiration. Love her.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


my younger sister is the one with eye glasses

After many sleepless night studying the lessons, writing thesis plus the never ending busy days running errands just to finish the projects, and attending her internship were one of those so many assignments my sister did in order to finish her degree to achieve her dream job was finally over. As a sigh of relief my sister finished the hardship up until she passed her license to be a registered nurse. Thank god she is now a registered nurse, all of her hard works paid off. But this is just the beginning of her career journey as she has to get a job first until she can finally say this is it, this is what I have been wanting for.

I am so proud of her because of her determination and courage to achieve what she have now. She looks good in her nursing uniforms. Seeing my sister like that makes my parents heart grows bigger. I know they are so proud of her too. Recently my sister told me she passed the exam in the hospital that she applied with for a job. Now she asked me to buy her a lab coat, nursing uniforms, or any medical scrubs in case she got the job. She is excited, I know. Of course I will get that for her without a doubt no matter she will get the job or not. Because I'm pretty sure she could use all these in the future. Congratulations!

Our Amish dining room set

Guest post written by Stan Hamby

For my wife’s birthday, I promised her a new dining room table set. But I didn’t think that it would be that difficult for her to pick one out that she liked. Boy was I wrong.

It’s been two months since my wife’s birthday and she just now found a set that she likes. We’ve been to every furniture store within a 50-mile radius of our house and she finally found one she liked at an 
Amish furniture store. I had always heard that Amish furniture was really beautiful and she wanted a big and beautiful, but simple looking table for our dining room.

As the man from the store told us all about how they made the table and talked about the craftsmanship, I could tell that my wife was impressed and this was what she wanted. I zoned out and stopped listening because I knew that no matter what the man said, she was going to have that table. Except when he started talking about payment, I didn’t hear him well. After we bought it and arranged to have it delivered to our house in the next few days, I went home and looked up miracle ear cost. It ended up that I could still afford it after the pretty penny I just spent on that table.

My wife has already offered to host her family’s Thanksgiving lunch at our house because that table is so big with the leaves in it that it will fit all her family at it.

Miss Universe 2010 Q&A Portion

I didn't see the Miss Universe pageant the other night but now that the pageant was over and picked one lucky lady to crown as Miss Universe 2010 and that was awarded to Miss Mexico (congratulations!) everybody is now talking about how the Miss Philippines mistakenly answered her question. Many people said, she could have won the pageant if she answered the question right. I just saw the replay video and I think by simplifying her answer is now her major mistakes that she did in her lifetime. Hehe If only we could turn back the time I'm sure she will explain it more. I didn't say she is wrong because being honest is not absolutely wrong. Well, I think being crown as Miss Universe is not really for her. At least she made us Filipino proud by representing Philippines with humility and honesty, beautiful inside and out. Mabuhay ka Miss Raj!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This guest post from Mickey Garza

My boyfriend just turned 21-years-old and I wanted to throw him a very special birthday party. I have been 21 for about two years now and he has always felt left out from hanging out with our friends when they go out. I'm pleased that this year he is of age and we will be celebrating in the downstairs room in a bar. Unfortunately the decor is absolutely awful and I don't want him to think of bars as a dingy place. Luckily I used hughes internet service the other night and found a site that specializes in party themes. They had an entire page dedicated to people turning twenty-one. I got him a shirt that says something funny about being of age as well as a set of glasses with his name and the event printed on them. They sell decorations and funny invitations. He's absolutely going to love it and I can't wait to surprise him with the stuff I found with hughes wireless internet. The website had pretty good prices too so I'll be able to buy him a couple drinks to commemorate his birthday. His friends are pretty excited too after receiving little shot glass packages in the mail that had the date and time on them. Those are invitations that can double as party favors, what an excellent combination.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewarts Are Dating?

They've been photographed cuddling and kissing each other just recently in Canada are now everywhere in the world of Internet. It's none of my business to know whether they're dating or being in the relationship but as a fan like their other gazillion fans out there, I just curious if they really are dating? :) They looks cute together, aren't they? 

Rain Water Barrels

Summer time in Florida is can be hot, showers and thunderstorms here and there, day or night. There were time the rains poured so hard like there's no tomorrow but most of the time the hot reigns. Summer is hot, hot, hot here it can be cook an egg. I  just don't like it and so as the plants and trees, it gave me headaches. Hehehe Good thing though there's the rains to shower us once in a while.

I'm thinking of getting one of those rain water barrels to use to collect rain water for watering the garden or to use the rain water for washing the car. I know that by collecting rain water and storing it a rain barrel I'll have water for future use and it'll reduce our water bill.

Since its summer time, there are many rain barrels for sale right now whether in the live store or in online. The simplyrainbarrels dot com  has everything I am looking for. They have Great American Rain Barrel is made from recycled 60 gallon olive drums which are among the largest capacity rain barrels available today. A 60 gallon rain barrel can fill with less than ¼ “ of rainfall (depending on the size of our roof and gutter system). Rain barrels can go a long way in offsetting our domestic water needs.

Julia Roberts on Elle

The September cover girl of Elle magazine is no other than the gorgeous smiley face Julia Roberts. I love the photographs here it so classic. Black and white are indeed beautiful. Have you watch her latest movie Eat, Pray, Love? My kind of movie. I so wanna watch it. I'll better ask hubby to go out with me.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Local Search Engines

In this day and age, I personally don't see the need for a yellow pages book anymore (I guess many of you can relates me) since I have an Internet access in my home 24/7 a day. In case I have to look up for the local restaurants in just one click away by using my Internet computer I can easily find what exactly need. I hate when come home to find a bag of useless local yellow pages on our porch. I take them straight to recycling bin. It such a waste of papers, you know.
Didn't they know that there are many local search engines in the Internet today? I mean, sure, old citizens still don't use computer that's why they feel the need to have those phonebooks. But please what about for those many young and middle people who are no longer needs it, can we just opt-out to get a copy? I think I have to call them.

Salads and Soups Delight

This is one of those days that my husband and I are have the luxury time to dine out when we feel deserves  to treat our stomach (selves). :) See? We are not really totally cheap nor peculiar we just don't want to get chunks if we do eat out all the time. Once in a while is just fine.  Anyway, yesterday we dined out at our all time favorite restaurant's Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes, because they serve light fresh salads and soups so delish that vegetarian could swoon. Hehehe But for those carnivorous person this restaurant is not for you. Sorry. Although they serve salad and soup with chicken or beef but that's all you can have just a few amount of meat.  You know that I'm not a vegetarian nor vegan but I love salads and soups so this restaurant rocks my-not-so-picky stomach. I love everything they have in this restaurant. They actually serve buffet meaning we can try everything they have in a long period of time.  And that's what all we did, taking-our-time while enjoying savoring those yummy foods.

My first plate of  tossed and prepared salads; Caesar Salad Asiago, Mandarin Spinach w/caramelized Walnuts, Mandarin Noodles w/ Broccoli.

Second plate; Wonton Chicken happiness, Tuna Tarragon, Fresh herb Thai slaw.

For the soup; I have Asian ginger broth

Friday, August 20, 2010

Online Remarketing

What does the term retargeting mean, and why is it important to Internet marking now? Well, retargeting campaigns - also called remarketing- makes the most of your online advertising to help you to reach out to consumers who have left your website after they had already interacted with it and personalize your target banners.
Retargeting companies such as Recrue Media provide this service, which is as follows: once the Internet surfer clicks on an advertisement with the initial intention to buy a product, yet he or she skips it, this process brings back the same advertisement number one priority the next time he or she visits your page. Additionally this process works on the other sites in which the same banner or text ad is tagged.

Quote of the Day

“For three years straight, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, and as of last December, I just didn’t have anything left. I’ve been so aggressive about living life to the fullest and being plugged into everything, but now I’ve ripped the plug out of the wall and put it on the floor for a while. I’m thinking about the same things as when I was 15, about spirituality and who I am, who I want to be. It’s cocoon, pupa, larva, and fuck, I’m reborn!”

Drew Barrymore

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Halle Berry's Vogue September Cover Girl

Haven't get a copy yet but I will definitely, maybe later this week. September issue of Vogue or in any major magazine publisher is pretty special. It has plenty of pages. Any celebrity grazes the cover for Vogue is always been an honor for them. This time Halle Berry made it. I'm so happy for her. She's incredibly talented and nice human being. Beautiful indeed!

sources: vogue

Online Tutor

Online tutoring is the latest Internet trend that gives today's students and edge over students of yesteryear. Do you remember how hard it was to find a tutor back in the day? Well, TutorNext's on-line Chemistry help and Free math tutoring online helps you get the edge in acing these two subjects. You can finally get the help you need to ace algebra, calculus, pre-calculus, geometry, trigonometry,and other math subjects.

Whether you need common Math Tutoring, the dreaded homework assistance or other fast assistance in solving math-related problems, using this service should be very advantageous to you and your grades.

On The Town

The shoot took place over four days on the roof of 30 Rockefeller Center in New York and features everyone from the fashion elite (Carolina Herrera and Marc Jacobs) to Hollywood heavyweights (Rachel Weisz and Eddie Redmayne); models (Lara Stone, Naomi Campbell, and Natalia Vodianova); athletes (Henrik Lundqvist and Yi Jianlian)—and much, much more—all to bring attention to the fashion industry and creative spirit of the city. Click below to view the exclusive video.

sources: vogue

Myrtle Resort

Looking for a nice traveling vacation? Check out http://avistaresort.com for resorts in Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Seaside lodge is peaceful and yet exciting. You can relax within indoor or outdoor pools and hot tubs, or play at a few of the world's most interesting golf courses.

Your unique condo in Myrtle Beach hotel is full of Southern hospitality from the customer service agents. Taking a stroll on the beach is very romantic, intimate, and relaxing. This is a very popular destination for many couples and families because of the restaurants and hot spots. It truly is for all ages. You can book online or by phone.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Daughter and I Home Alone When My Husband Is Attending Our Son's Sporting Events

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Watching your kids participate in fall sports is something you do not want to miss. We had two children who are very active in sports this year. My husband and I have to take turns staying home with our eight-month old, because it would keep her up way past her bedtime.

It is important that you set your Home Security alarm prior to leaving for your kids sporting events. My husband and I always make sure that we do this. I always feel safer when they are gone to the games, when I am home alone with the baby.

A couple of years before we had the system installed, our home was broken into and we lost just about everything that we had of value. I guess you could say that we learned the hard way. It took me a long time before I felt safe in our home again. Today it is different because I have that peace of mind. I can relax and enjoy the time I have alone with our baby daughter.

Most of the time I am already asleep when my husband and kids return home from the game. It is nice to not have to worry or be concerned about home invasion or burglary. My husband said that he can enjoy watching our sons play their sports, knowing that our security system is keeping our daughter and me safe.


Allow me to introduce you Rocky our foster fur-kid. He's little as 3.5 inches tall but his voice is sound like a mammoth hehehe I'm just kidding, Gremlin he sounds like Gremlins. So cute! Rocky is been with us since last Friday. Him and Stormy get along so well like they've known each other for ages. That amazes me.

Photo 1- Rocky and Stormy playing with each other
Photo 2- Rocky is behaving, afraid being punish since he peed on the floor. He knows.
Photo 3- Rocky likes to be pet on his stomach. Looks like he's on his glory.
Photo 4- Rocky is so attach with Damian. He cried if he couldn't see Damian around him.
Photo 5 and 6 - just a random photos of him. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Glass Racks

It is about high-quality, unique merchandises, great customer service, low price guarantee, and trust  that we are always looking for when purchasing something like stemware racks, clothes, bags, accessories, air fare tickets, to name a few in the Internet stores. That's why I will consider glasstemwareracks dot com for my  all glass racks needs becuase they have all what it takes.

Accent and organize your stemware with any Classic Hammered Steel Hanging wine glass racks to mount above a bar, over an island, in the family room or anywhere you want to create a warm, friendly area for family and friends. The defining hardness and sturdiness of the hammered steel together with your wine glasses is not only a visually pleasing display but also keeps your stemware within reach for ease of use.

This chromed steel glass rack can be mounted on a ceiling, under a counter or cabinet. Holds approximately 20 glasses.

Chicago- a Chic City

Seeing these beautiful attractive photos I found in google images of Chicago makes me wanna go there now. How inviting, ain't it? If I compare Chicago to a woman, I think she is sophisticated.

The Bean is a permanent installation reflecting Chicago's magnificent skyline and viewed by many as the city's crowning glory.

(photo credits: google images)

Auto Repair in Chicago

(photo credits: google images)

Because the city of Chicago experiences extreme weather conditions, your vehicle must be able to survive the four seasons, which is no easy task for many of them. For example, you may experience issues with your air conditioner in the summer, along with problems with your climate control systems. In that case you may need a new water pump. Winter time for a Toyota Corolla may mean no heat when it is idling. A Chicago auto repair shop can fix your defroster. 

Meanwhile, water leak system issues are year round, throughout all the seasons. Try to avoid these problems before they happen.