Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Great Family Holiday Activity

Written by Fermin Washington

Christmas is filled with great opportunities to spend time with the people we love. The holiday also brings wonderful smells to the air and beautiful arrays of decorations and lights to the night's atmosphere. Going to look at Christmas lights in the area is a great activity to do with the family.

This year is the very first year we are all going to be able to look at the holiday displays together. Every other year we have planned to go, something seems to come up like work or the flu. This year though, everyone is going to get the chance to see the great christmas lights in our neighborhood and it's about time! This year's exciting line-up includes a lot of movie inspired displays and great classic displays with reindeer on the roofs. I even heard rumors of a neon Santa Claus!

Tomorrow is the night and we are all excited and ready to go. The only thing we really need to do is make sure to dress warm and make sure to set the home alarm from before we leave. I'm sure we're going to be cold when we are all done so I plan on making a really warm home cooked meal for dinner when we get back, and I made sure to stock up on plenty of hot cocoa too.

Looking at holiday lights and decrorations is a great way to get the family together and share a special moment during the Christmas season. I look forward to doing this great holiday family activity again next year. Maybe we'll invite some friends to come share the experience with us as well.

Christmas at Home..

This is how we celebrate Christmas at home.. being with loved ones is such a precious moment that I will always be thankful. So happy knowing everybody in my family are doing alright. Ahhh, Christmas is indeed the joyful holiday.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Seasonal Flip-Flop

Guest post written by Will McCraw

Living in Houston has been a big change after living in Vermont for 10 years. Things are so much busier here, and I am definitely not used to the traffic patterns. However, there are some great things about living down here in Texas, and IÕm glad that I made the decision to come down this way. This is my first winter in Texas, and itÕs definitely more bearable than the winters in the northeast. IÕve actually been glad for the cooler temperatures that IÕve been experience lately. While the winters are really harsh where I am from, I am finding that the summers are very harsh down here! The heat is often times smoldering and itÕs taken a little bit to get used to. The key is to have an excellent cooling system in house. Otherwise, it can be pretty unbearable.

While itÕs cooler, I am going to make an investment in a new cooling system so that when summer comes back around, IÕll be ready this time. I decided to browse for Houston Sears Home Improvement sites, and I think IÕve really found some good options for the New Year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Seamless Shape Wear

My husband gifting me a cash for Christmas...yesterday I spent it on perfume, a bag, a pair of shoes, and a bra! Ha ha I love it. I told him he has no idea how I love his gift. He's glad that I am very happy. Well, unfortunately I am not so happy with the bra I got. I'm not comfortable wearing it the straps fall down even though I adjusted it. I just wish I could spend more time to look for the exact style that I really wanted- a Bra and Cami with cleavage cover exactly as what the photo attached.

It has all the feature I really need (an elegant bra, body shaper and lace camisole in one), it has underwire molded foam cups, adjustable non-slip shoulder straps. Its the ultimate layering piece that could go with any type of clothes and best of all it's shaper our body. The Best Body shaper can help eliminate inches and hide imperfections on almost any area of the body.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Noche Buena on Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you! I wish you all happiness in the world. My family are having a blast of our Christmas celebration at home. We certainly having such a wonderful time today. Christmas is JOY!!

Meanwhile my stomach is so full from the food that we feast on our noche buena.. Here are the foods I prepared and ate. *burp* soooo good! he he

Tuscani Vegetable Soup

Deep Fry Green Beans

Baked Stuff Mushrooms


Tuscani Meaty Pasta- Vegetarian Style

Sweet Potato Pie

Brown Apple Betty Pie

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Want Ginkgo Tree!

Would it be so nice if I have this ginkgo tree in my backyard? Beautiful doesn't it? I love it... I want them now! He he. This morning when I walked with my husband towards Tire Plus in our neighborhood I notice some trees change their colors some are red, orange and yellow. Not sure if those trees I saw are ginkgo tree until I found this website the Ginkgo Tree will be a spectacular edition to our landscape. It is indisputably one of the best shade trees of all time.

Steel Material

Stainless steel material seems to be the fashion now. Every time I watch HGTV they talks about it as the needed thing for any kitchen upgrade. People nowadays looking for stainless steel refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave, steel building, steel kitchen, and among others. Steel material are treasured investments. The strength and durability of steel material already proven by many users. Stainless steel appliances bring elegance and possess a long-lasting appeal. Steel buildings designed to withstand high winds and heavy snow conditions to protect your properties.

Arod Dating with Cameron Diaz?

My husband and I are Yankee fanatics but we don't usually follows the personal life of our favorite players, we just want to see them playing. But I really don't care who's Arod end up with when it comes to his love life. I just learn that he's now dating with Cameron Diaz... how fast he changes a new gf, the last time I know is he's so attached with Kate Hudson. Well, I guess that's how a superstar life is.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Season Brings Fun, As Well as Some Danger

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

Of course the Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. You get to be with the ones you love and just relax and enjoy the day in a way that seems uniquely set for the fall and winter. Christmas time means that you get more time off, more really great presents and of course some fantastic food and drink. It is here that you need to be careful that when you drink you do not drink too much or make sure you know you have a ride home. Safety and security is also a big part of the holiday season because no one wants to spend their thanksgiving night visiting you at the hospital or even worse.

Practicing a few nice safety tips like making sure that if you are planning to go out of town for the holidays it isn't quite so obvious that you have vacated the premises. Sadly this is also a huge point in time for burglars who know that there are plenty of houses that have no one in them around the holidays. Whenever I leave my house over the holiday season, even if it is only for a couple of hours, I make sure and set myhome alarm systems. This way I know that no matter how short a time I'm out and about, everything and everyone I love are safe and secure.

Mary Kate Olsen Ensemble

Would you wear this? Normal people won't but Mary Kate Olsen does what she pleases. She is so eccentric. Good for her! Though I love her cocktail ring looks pretty even from a distance. 

Craft Rubber Stamps

There are so many offers rubber stamps out there but only have top quality 1000 DPI laser-engraving process gives your custom rubber stamps a uniquely personal and classy appearance. Their customization options allow variation of text size, spacing, graphics and borders. Whether you need rectangular stamps, round stamps or square stamps, they have a product that fits your needs. Please visit their website for more information.

Tis The Season of Christmas

Tis the season of Christmas. Spending time with loved ones and by giving gifts are ways to show love and care.

My husband and I celebrating Christmas at our home along with my in-laws. I always looking forward this celebration not only of the gifts I'll be receiving but also preparing the meals is what I love to do. I love being busy. Taking off the list of things I have to have is very fulfilling. Today I've done my gift shopping, and I almost accomplish my food shopping in preparation for cooking food I'm going to serve this coming Christmas day.

We all love exchanging gifts. I think everybody are. In our family the price of the gifts doesn't matter. We are so practical that sometimes we know what to expect. Like my husband said I want this..... I don't want you to buy this for me... at least I know he needs what I give. On the other hand mom ask me if my printer needs more ink cartridges or paper so she will get them for us as a gift. Grandma told me she wants a ring and a skirt.. ha ha. You'll see we are so practical but there are other gifts that we keep a secret.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sim Card Reader

There is no debate that having security systems installed in your business, home or cellphone decreases crime and theft. Security systems have become commonplace in modern times with the advent of digital video. In recent times, surveillance systems have become widespread and cost effective. Even in the most safe neighborhoods or great relationship with your spouse, protecting your business, home or yourself with security surveillance system is a necessity. Would-be criminals hate security cameras and know that they can be easily be targeted by police if their face and body are captured on a frame. Security footage is admissible in courts of law, and used by news channels to help capture criminals. And would-be spouses/ significant other hate cellphone sim card spy elite worried that they will caught cheating? A surveillance system gives home, business owners, individual a peace of mind because the surveillance system scare away riff-raff who hang out near homes and businesses as well as the cheater spouses.

Did you know that the Cell Phone Spy Elite Sim Card Reader is one of the best cell phone Spy Products available nowadays. This revolutionary SIM card reader not only extracts deleted data from any SIM card but it also works on Smart Cards for review of all data on your computer. If you worried that your significant other is cheating on you or that your child is inappropriately text messaging, please consider this one of a kind surveillance system.

There are other reasons why to have surveillance systems. Want to know if your spouse is cheating? Want to make sure the babysitter is behaving? Want to see who is stealing from the vending machine in the kitchen at the office? Having digital proof is the best way to catch someone; there is no defense on their part. With the price of surveillance systems dropping, there is no longer an excuse in 2011 not to get one. Even the low-end cameras or cellphone sim card can still get the job done.

The Right Care For Me

Two weeks from now we will bid goodbye of 2010, and welcoming 2011. There are few things that I will have to do before the end of the year such as; renew our car license, use my benefits of time off paid, re-enroll our flood insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, medical insurance, vision insurance and dental insurance. The later requires a tough decision to make for me and the husband considering the insurance amount are now increase. Thanks to Obamacare!

However, we understand that everyone has their own choice, and that choices we are going to make is very crucial for us. Good news is getting private insurance can find us the right medicare that works for our comfort. The was created to make finding the right term insurance easy and affordable.

Vegetables and Fruits I Love Buying

Since I got a "vavavoom" smartphone I take the chance to snap photos wherever I go, whatever I see, as long as I can relate. Most of the time I took pictures for my blog material. My sisters loved when I share photos to them, the idea of being stay connected no matter how far the distance and time difference we live is something we use as our means of communication. Like for instance I'm at food market I snapped this picture and send it to my sister, and said " Hey, this is where I buy vegetables and fruits. How do you like the place?" something like that, and of course she sent me back a funny reply. 

Baby Spinach, love to make this with penne pasta, olive oil, and cheeses. 
Gala apple or Pink Lady apple are one of my favorite morning breakfast.

The husband and I loves clementines. So sweet!

Christmas Vacation

Thanks to Darwin Barton

I love to watch Christmas movies during the holiday season. Despite the fact that the entire house is decorated and all of the stores are crowded, I still need a little extra to get me into the holiday mood. One of my favorite non-animated movies is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. One of my coworkers actually recommended this movie to me and I was a little hesitant. There's been incidences where my coworker recommends a movie and I didn't like it. I guess you could say we have different tastes in films. But I actually watched this movie and really enjoyed it.

This movie is about a man and his family during the holiday vacation. His cousin comes to visit and they bring their dogs and their trailer and camp out in the front yard. It's really hysterical. My favorite part was definitely when the squirrel is in the Christmas tree. It goes running all over the house and the family is terrified of the little critter. I love catching this particular Christmas movie on Direct TV when I get a chance to watch it. My Christmas is never complete now, when I don't watch Christmas Vacation. I have to give my coworker credit for picking out a really fun and hysterical movie to watch. In fact, I've even purchased it on DVD and have given it as a gift to him.

Kitchen Spice Racks

Spices and herbs are play an important part in our life- cooking without spices or herbs doesn't taste better. Using herbs and spices add flavor of our food, and also contain many beneficial nutrients to our body.

In order to get the most benefit out of spices and herbs, it is important to store them properly. Dried herbs and spices should be stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place or in the spice racks. The wall spice racks like below photo's can place spice containers beautifully and add adornment in our kitchen at the same time.

On the other hand, a simple kitchen spice racks like this will also works. A quality stainless steel material with 12 glass spice jars with a sprinkle or pour option and effortless twist caps. Modern, space saving design works well in any size kitchen setting.

Gift Idea for Garden Lover

A very nice stone patios add a very charming look to the entire house. We all know that stone being a totally natural material has a very strong tendency to resist weathering agents such as sunlight, rain and snow. It is extremely tough and unbreakable that's why many home owners or individuals uses stone for their patios, garden benches and tables, fountains, planters, memorial benches, and among others. Stone benches dot com is the ultimate source for stone benches of every size, style, finish, and material you'll need.

Here are just the few of the features I would love to have in my home backyard.

Victorian stone garden benches: This product is part of the Westchester Cast Stone Collection. A 100% Hand Made in the USA. Each piece is unique and original, brings elegant style to our garden.

Cast Stone Benches: This product is part of the Cast Stone Garden Collection. Beautifully detailed, engraved passage, perfect ofr worship centers, patios or flower gardens. Hand cast in the USA

Angel Be Not Forgetful Cast Stone Benches is perfect for memorial benches. It is durable, engraved passage, weatherproof, maintenance free. Hand cast in the uSA.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

2011 Movies that I am Going Watch

List of movies so far that I am going to watch next year in not particular order: Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, Green Lantern, Transformers, Thor.

If you have a partner who loves and knows everything about comics I'm sure how it feels to be excite to see the famous heroes in the world of comics on big screen! I myself get into it too. It is wholesome and full of amazing stories. I love to watch them on screen. Thanks Marvel and DC production movies for making such a beautiful entertainment.

Thor trailer is awesome. Can't wait!

Guilty Pleasure on Holidays

I've been eating a lot of foods lately (since Thanksgiving) now that holiday is in the air attending party here and there makes me afraid of  gaining extra weight. Gosh...cholesterol is very distracting! Especially the desserts and chicken that I love to eat are really bad. I just couldn't resist them you know.. it is very hard for me.

Like last night's Christmas party I attended they prepared such great food. Haven't noticed how large portion of food I intake that night until I saw this photos. *Guilty!!* ha ha. 5 days to go before Christmas and I have to make food for my visitors, and when I cook... I cook lots of food. Oh dear I shall now take lipofuze reviews on how to burn my extra fats before I'll get sick. he he

Hosting Service

I still sleepy when my sister buzz me to chat them online this morning (eastern time here while evening in the Phils) cause my parents are wanted to see me. Slept too late last night around 2AM I attended the FilAm Christmas party so that's why I still sleepy but the problem is I can't get back to sleep after I had a conversation with my family.

But that's besides the point here, I was so pissed off of the slow Internet connection my family has over there. We can't talk straight long because their computer crashed every now and then. I hate when it does that. I wish my sister can find somebody who knows to managed hosting service for them to fix the Internet service problem. But it is what it is, we live in a different world.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Claus is Here!

Somebody gave us a gift! God bless you more for being generosity, and thank you for our friends. I won't shout out their name over here cause they're very private person. Again and again, THANK YOU!

This is what I love about holidays sharing gifts are so special and fun. Sometimes you'll never know who's knocking our door bringing their gifts of love. Santa Claus is everywhere. He's just around the corner surprises every one of us. Oh yeah, bad people won't get anything except a box of coals. he he. When I was a little kid I so believed of Santa Claus (the ones I read from the books, the ones who lives in north pole, the ones who had reindeer and with material handling carrying lots of gifts in it.) who loves to give gifts.  I can't wait to give my gifts this coming Christmas most of all I can't wait to open my gifts! he he

Weekend Food: Chicken Kebab and Pasta

Every time I go to Fresh Market there is always something that I find. Something I would not do by myself from scratch, I'm talking about food (well, Fresh Market only sell food..duh!) in general.  Since I went straight ahead to their pastries section; cakes, rugelach, cookies, brownies, pies, and among others were I always buy but this time I check out their meat section, and I found this marinade chicken kebab! Honestly, I haven't tried chicken kebab like that in my entire life (shameless confession!! he he), so I figured to give it a try. Feeling very excited when I take this home right there and then I broiled it by following the instructions written on its label.

Meanwhile, I prepare to make pasta for side dish. After all this simple pasta won't take me too long to cook. While the kebab is cooking in broil oven I cook the angel hair pasta noodles on the other side I cook the pasta sauce. To cook this pasta sauce is very simple you'll just need evoo, diced garlic, pitted black olives, capers, whole tomato sauce (no salt added), prosciutto (diced) or ground tofu meat but I used ground tofu so the husband can eat too.

Saute the garlic and ground meat with evoo after that add the whole tomato sauce pierce the tomato and add just a bit of water, simmer for 3 minutes. After, add the capers and black olives, and salt and ground pepper to taste.  

When everything is ready to serve take a picture first for blog material... ha ha! kidding!! In the scales of 1 of 5 for the kebab I gave 4. It taste yummy and juicy. I don't rate my own pasta, it'll be biased would I?

Swing Sets: Not Just for Kids

Being with friends who I can laugh, play, talk, or do nothing but fun is something that I really miss to do. It has been such a long time since I am with my girl friends (true friends) unfortunately we geographically live apart from each other. But once we've meet this is what will probably gonna do again.. slides!! That's right we love to do that. It was fun after all. That wooden swing sets have a significance of our friendships it brings lots of funny memories that we could keep a lifetime. Looking at the photos makes me laugh right now. Such a wonderful time.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Surveillance Equipment

Once in a while I order a breakfast or lunch in our cafeteria at work. They have the best Italian cappuccino in the world. It is sooo good. I'll tell you I slightly change my morning routine till I have tasted their cappuccino. Usually I drink hot tea every single morning but now not anymore since I hook this Italian cappuccino.

I also took the chance to walk about 10 minutes back and forth to our cafeteria in building 2 (cause my office is in building 1) in the morning so I can have a bit exercise too while I am getting the irresistible coffee that I now love.

This is the entrance of building 2 where I frequent to walk every now and then when my body calling for caffeine. That door will not open unless you have a company's badge. And that area is very protective, it has security cameras every corner that means no badge no coffee! he he

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Overstock Coupon Code

Online merchandising sales are very tempting! I couldn't resist their 50% off plus free shipping that's why most of my purchases for holiday gifts are bought online. And I am not done yet.. this is just the beginning of my endless shopping because next month are my in-laws birthday, I have to buy their gifts now since there are so many holidays super sale going on right now, and I might as well taking the opportunity to buy just to have an extra savings. Aha, speaking of savings I have coupons or promo codes too like I use this overstock promo code for my purchases and I save another extra bucks! What a great buy.

This Sterling Silver 1/5ct TDW Brown Diamond Square Ring is what I got for grandma's birthday gift. Its not expensive than you think. It doesn't cost me an arm and leg. Just a not so fancy bling bling.


I want this Steve Madden Women's 'P-Maxin' Ankle Boots desperately because it has everything my bunion feet needs.  

"A sleek, minimalist, open-toe and heel design highlight these stylish 'P-Maxin' ankle boots from Steve Madden. These women's boots highlight a lace-up design and are crafted from rich leather for superior comfort and ease of movement".

This Zenith Defy Xtreme Men's Sea Tourbillon Titanium Watch is looks amazing I'm sure many rich men would love to have this because this is not just an ordinary watch think about "Titanium and Tourbillon" material, very elite! And yes put the price on sale for only $78,940.79 (my jaw drop!) from its original price.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

See's Candies: A Premier Chocolate Candy Store since 1921

The last time I went to San Francisco a couple of years ago I forgot to buy See's candy bars that I googled before I go. When you are on a culture-shock-state-of mind you tend to forget the things you have to get. Yes, I researched the possible best local chocolate I can get while I'm in town. I stumbled upon the See's candies which are very famous in San Franciso (its birth place), and in some other part of California cities as well. To make the story short, I totally forgot to buy the candies while I was there in San Francisco or even in LA. It was until while I'm in Las Vegas airport waiting for my flight I saw the See's chocolate candy bars at one of the stores over there. I was very happy of my purchase because these candies are so delicious. I tried their classic candy bars (the milk chocolate with almonds and milk chocolate with toffee nuggets ), it is made of smooth See's chocolate. I love!

How about these assorted chocolates? They looks delish... I wanna try this all. I swear. he he

Assorted Chocolates:
dark and milk chocolates filled with rich chocolate butter, old-fashioned Molasses Chips, Marzipan, chewy Almond Squares, buttery Caramel, exclusive BordeauxTM, crunchy California Brittle® and much more.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A New Tradition

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

This year will be my first year buying a Christmas tree on my own.

In the middle of summer, I moved a few states away from my parents and, since I can't afford to get back there this Christmas, I will be spending the holiday by myself.

I have never been without a Christmas tree, however, and I am not going without one this year, either. So, I have made plans to go out tree shopping, once the Thanksgiving holiday has passed.

A friend told me of a place to pick one up, if I want to do a live tree. I am not sure if I will do that, yet. Having a small artificial tree has advantages, especially when one lives alone. I could get one of those that already has the lights hooked up; all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on.

There are a few places around here that sell both live and artificial ones, so I guess I will just have to set myHome Security Systems and go look at all of them.

It'll be a little different for me this year, but maybe I start traditions of my own by inviting friends over to decorate.

That way, even if it is different, it will still be a great Christmas holiday.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Ideas: iPhone

Since holiday is almost near mostly people are stress to buy gifts. We do know that holiday shopping rush is not fun, in order to avoid the crowded stores, overspending, the many stresses that go along with the holiday rush why don't you shop online! That way you can manage everything you need to be done on time before Christmas. Just so you know, there are so many online shops offering free shipping and delivery just before Christmas. Not only that they have plenty of big sales too whatever items, like; clothing, shoes, bags, jewelries, iphone, and among others. Shop until you drop! Just kidding. This time around is the prefect time to buy the things you want to have. Or, the things you want to give for your loved ones.  They must be thrilled to have an iphone. Do they?

TJ Maxx : Holiday Rush Shopping

It didn't come to mind that rush shopping for holidays is quite not lovely. Because being in a long queue lines to the cash register is very frustrating! Good thing I have a bit patience but there were time that I couldn't wait so off leaved the store empty handed. *sob* I manage to shop early this time, went at TJ Maxx good thing they have plenty of cash register associates though there were long lines it didn't matter to me because it went by so fast.

In the parking lots. I love the weather sunny and cold

Went to shopped at TJ Maxx to buy gifts. I exactly found what I am looking for. They have great deals!

Saw this cotton dress hanging alone in small size (perfect for me!), love the peach color too. However, it doesn't have comfort on me, there is no love feelings. hehe So I didn't buy it.

Let me share what I wore that day: DKNY- Button-down dress in khaki color (vintage), Target - leopard flat shoes.

Skiing in Stratton Vermont

Written by my friend Dong Wood

One of my closest friends has a family ski home in Stratton Vermont. Each year I sit and wait excitedly for the weekend that he will invite me to go skiing with him. The Green Mountains of Vermont is to me one of the world's most beautiful spots and it is truly a magnificent place to ski and visit in the winter time.

As I pack up my bags and car and get ready for the long drive to Vermont, I think of the mountains that await me. Stratton has 92 trails so there is skiing for beginners all the way to world class experts. Then I think of the wonderful village and the great shopping and restaurants, as well as clubs and bars. Its amazing that I don't wind up forgetting everything in my haste to get there, even remembering to stop and lock up my house and set my security alarm from

Eventually I do get to Stratton, and find all the great skiing and other activities. Last year I made sure I hit the tubing park and tried some cross country skiing as well. What a totally different experience that was. This year I'd love to try snowshoeing, it seems like it would be a great way to see some of the mountain's beauty.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

BlackBerry Curve 8530 Image Quality

This was taken early this morning at St. Andrew Catholic Church where I frequent attending for their mass usually either Saturday or Sunday (this time I went today (Sunday)). I used my vavavoom Blackberry curve 8530 cellphone to snap these pictures. I am very pleased of this quality. Well.. outdoors pics work way better than indoors that's how I noticed but all in all its pretty neat.

Funeral Costs

We are approaching to celebrate a new year. Aren't you excited? Well, as for me, I am so looking forward to move on, and to open the new beginning (hopefully more blessings to come next year) of my life in 2011. I have so many to be thankful of this year despite our economy is not yet doing great. Who knows maybe things will be become a lot better next year. For now, I am in awe to have some personal changes especially of my financial aspect. I would love to save more money for emergency and for my future. Prices now are keep increasing the value of the money is depreciating. Can you imagine how much we paid for the funeral expenses for my late-grandma? I can't believed it. That's why I started saving now (thanks for my IRA) for me and the husband's future. Thank God I have work.

Green Lantern Movie

My husband's one of his favorite cartoon character "Green Lantern". He followed him since he was 8 yrs old. That's why we couldn't wait to watch this movie next year. Hopefully it will be great.

Girls Clothing in Classic Style

It is important to help your child gain confidence in every way you can, and one way is by helping them to look good. When we look good we feel better about ourselves and have more confidence. Kids are great fun to dress especially with the wealth of clothing that is available to fill their closets with. Dressing up your kids in style is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. Of course, spending a lot of money may be an easy way to dress your kids in style. In this day and age we can buy inexpensive clothing, accessories, and shoes in style as long as you're not looking for a great brand.

No matter if you're looking for a costume for yourself or your kid, you've found the easiest place to buy clothes like girls dresses, boys, babies on the web. And I found teacollection very neat. Love these girls dresses below. Oh, how cute!

The pattern for this soft and comfortable layered sleeve dress was inspired by the Art Nouveau details discovered on turn-of-the-century buildings in Hungary. Slight cowl neck with layered sleeves.

Bold striped jumper inspired by the traditional aprons worn by women in a small Carpathian village in Transylvania, Romania.

Fine wale corduroy dress with embroidery inspired by the beautiful hand-embellished aprons worn by women in the countryside villages of Romania. Cap sleeves, button closure.