Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Appetizer: Orzo with Olives and Tomatoe Salad

Every now and then I stop by at salads bar in Whole Foods to get some of Orzo my dear husband loves. But there are times they don't have it so in order not to feel my husband bad I thought of cooking it instead. Although my version is far beyond  compare from the original (Whole Foods version) but I see to it my husband would like this. 

I cook the Orzo according on what's the label instructions. When its done, I mix the whole pitted green and black olives, slice tomatoes, chop fresh parsley, extra virgin olive oil, cooking white wine, salt and pepper all together in the bowl of cook orzo. My husband opted out the blue cheese but I have mine. With or without blue cheese this risotto came out good. It does taste good.  The husband said "no more Whole Foods!". :)

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