Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crandon Beach Park at Key Biscayne, Miami

My tote bag is ready to be at the beach. I put in the beach towels, sun protection lotion, lip balm, changing clothes, and tank top.

A gift from grandma- Victoria's Secret Pink tote bag perfect for the beach

We're heading to the west of Miami at Crandon Beach Park, Key Biscayne..
aha, we find the right signs

We actually get lost finding our destination in Miami. We finally able found the right highway for Key Biscayne. Thank God. Miami is such a huge metropolitan- this is what greet us Skycraper!

downtown Miami
Here we are at Key Biscayne. This bridge built hundred years ago to connect us to Key Biscayne island. You'll get amazing view of the Atlantic ocean where you on that "floating" bridge. So beautiful.

After an hour of driving we finally arrived safely at the Crandon Park where our friends waiting for us. We paid $6 per person for the entrance fee.

Our friend is renting one of these Cuba Cabanas for only $30 a day. It has shower room and a place to put our folding bed to sleep. It was pretty neat.

Ahh, the water is so inviting..

Too bad I didn't have bikinis with me cause I didn't buy one. I could have buy some cute swim wear at urban clothes store ahead of time.

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Anonymous said...

It used to be so much nicer there before they "urbanized it" I grew up going there every week, and I even stayed there for 10 days straight, no cabanas, no cars, only nature, it was gorgeous. Now unfortunately, the tourists have made it change. That's what happens with everything, everywhere you go, tourist attraction messes everything up. But I hope you had a good time.