Sunday, May 15, 2011


Our friendship is like a steel it may bend but it'll not break. 

Whenever I see our photos it made me laugh. These are my friends ex-colleagues back when I was working at SPPC (a Dole subsidiary company) in the Philippines. I hang this people around for over 8 years (Yes I'm not that young anymore Hehehe ) and we still friends. I was able to see them again when I went home this last February. It was a riot. Nothing's change.

when will we ever gets tired of camera? camwhore forever! lol

although we have all differences I will never trade this pack of people cause we are unique and that brings us FUN.

although we have differences but we are unique that brings us so much FUN. these are the pack of people I would love to hang out with. :)

every time i see DOLE products it made me smile.. it brings back so much memories.

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