Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ginger Tea and Pancakes

The dogs are waking us up early this morning just around 6am. They never stop making noises until we didn't get off from our bed. At 7am I get up went straight downstairs where the dogs are, saw the pee on the floor, I cleaned it off  while the husband is walking the dogs out. Then we fed them, after that I went back to sleep...booooo! It's Saturday, I want to stay on bed whenever I want.

At 10am my stomach was calling for food! Hot drink is good for a morning start. I made fresh ginger tea. Just peel the ginger root, slice, and then boil it. I add a little bit of honey to bring sweetness. Very easy.

homemade ginger tea

Pancakes for weekend breakfast are what we like to have. There are times we eat cereal, fruits, or nothing in the morning (only when we wake up too late). This time is no exception we would love to have pancakes. I have a ready to cook wheat flour pancake in the pantry. Just a plain butter and a maple syrup on it, and fresh blueberries for the sides. 

homemade pancakes with fresh blueberries

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