Monday, May 16, 2011

My daughter

Written by Fermin Washington

My daughter is one of the most active teenage girls I think I’ve ever seen, and she stays in really good shape. I’m really envious of how naturally athletic she is but I think it’s great she’s got such a productive, healthy habit. I hope she continues to play sports well into her adult life! Last year we got Internet at home from CLEARWIRELESSINTERNET.NET so I’ve been doing some research on how we could use her love of sports to help her make more friends and even score college scholarships. She’s already a varsity athlete at her school so she’s definitely got a good shot of getting in somewhere on scholarship. I think she’s best at swimming but she’s really partial to her cross country team, although she tends to just hang out with the same girls all the time. I’m thinking of having her sign up for an intramural league here in town so she can meet some new people and you never know, maybe she’ll find her next sports “calling” that she can sell to a college!

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