Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rain Chains For Rainwater Harvesting

 Rain chains or chains rain is made to use of our house roof to collect rainwater. I remember back in the days when my grandma is still alive she had a huge barrel underneath of the rain chain (my uncle made) for storing rainwater. She reuse rainwater to water the plants in her backyard. She loves to reuse stuff. Very clever. If grandma still alive now she would be amaze to know how the product lines of rain chains emerged into the market. A barrel is only product she knew but the rain chain cups, rain chain links, rain chain extensions, and accessories are doesn't exist for her. If only she knew the latest now she could have gotten this....

Shizuka Cups 8 Foot style rain chain collection made of pure thick copper.
beautiful and functional alternative to traditional, closed gutter downspouts
 closeup shot

this is how it looks when the rainwater comes down through it
featured installation
this is how it looks when installed outside the house

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