Sunday, May 15, 2011

Selling Jewelries

Aren't we looks alike? Many people gets confused they thought I am adopted. At store or everywhere we at grandma always tell and proud that I am her granddaughter. They always raised their eyebrow. But of course grandma explains that I married to her grandson. Hehehe But grandma and MIL always feels me like their own child, that's how lucky I am.

There is no question that my grandma looks stunning at age 86. And there is no lie that I admire her in so many ways talking about fashion we're "in"! She loves jewelries more than I do. In fact she handed-me-down many of her old ones they are pretty good and is still in good shape like the earrings and bracelet I got from her. I told her she can make money by Selling Gold Jewelry at the mall there are many gold buyers in there but then again she said that's not her purpose, she wants me to enjoy wearing those vintage jewelries. Isn't she sweet? She is. I love grandma's bling-blings. :)

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