Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shopping and Skin Care Products

Last Sunday grandma and I went to the biggest outlet stores in town- Sawgrass Mills Mall.  She bought a Coach umbrella and scarf  for her sister and daughter-in-law as present when she go to NY next month. I tell you grandma has a good taste. There were sea of people at coach store they had huge sale plus additional 40% - 50% discount of all items. No, I didn't tempted to buy anything over there haven't find any good stuff that I like. I honestly not a coach fan please don't get me wrong I own a bag from coach and that was it. I like to buy another brand so I can have each of every brands. Talking about peculiar. Hehehe

So I went at Neiman Marcus cause they have the skin care products that I need to buy. If only I could live that store. I would faint! Because I am obssess of beauty products especially for skin care. Love perfumes too. You know when we get older we try to do our best to prolong our wrinkles... haayyyy aging! :( Good thing though we have plenty of choices nowadays in store or online store are selling tons of skin care products for anti wrinkle, dark eyes, serum, etc. but I swear I will never do any facial surgery. That's why I take care  of my skin. Anyways, the sale associate of Clarins gave me a sample of their Eye Contour gel I went home and tried the next day. Later in the day I noticed how it work the puffiness in my eye area takes away. Its like a magic. Reading the products reviews help a lot for us to decide if the product is worth to buy like oxytokin reviews for anti wrinkle. But it is always better to try for us to know if its work.

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