Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sublime Restaurant & Bar - Natural and Organic Cuisine

Located at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sublime is not an ordinary restaurant that most people would dine but once you have tried their foods you'll definitely come back again. This is a vegetarian dining that's completely cholesterol-free but it satisfies our taste buds even the most devout carnivore.  It has a very relaxing ambiance inside the restaurant. You can feel how they love nature. My husband and I love it there. We had a blast experience at Sublime.

The cascading window with waterfalls (interior have a great ambiance)

The Menu: noticed that has only 2pages for menu list.

For drinks: Sublime-ade (is to die for! hehe)

For soup:  Mushrooms and Barley

For Appetizer: Polenta Pasta (i was surprised of this, it was good!)

For my husband's entree : Veggie Burger and sweet potato fries (Y.U.M.M.Y)

For my entree: Margherita Classico

For dessert: Chocolate Nirvana (this is cake is not creme base but soy)

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