Thursday, May 26, 2011

West Sussex Cottages and Arundel Castle

Even though I have no definite time when to travel abroad or domestic I still love to make plans. I read a lot on travel blogs, lonely planet, tripadvisor, wiki travel, and Sussex travel guide site to get references and ideas of the places that I wish to travel in the future. Whatever I learned from any of these sites, I gather and save them on my planner. You know I'm not a "city" person- I always love to stay in suburbia where I can get both feels of the city and a bit countryside. But I honestly love to visit the city places too not just the countrysides.

If  ever I travel to UK I'll definitely go to see London, and  love to see the countrysides in Bath and Sussex. Staying in at five or four stars hotels are not on my list, B&B or holiday cottages in Europe or UK are my pick! Living like the locals is what I want to experience.

I found so many holiday villa or apartment online that are very gorgeous in West Sussex where the irresistibly romantic Arundel castle is located.

Arundel Castle and Cathedral

West Sussex is a diverse country, it is well known for its stately homes and castles such as Arundel Castle and Bramber Castle. Staying at one of the West Sussex holiday homes or cottages is a great idea you can feel at home. I found this Dove Cottage in West Sussex very appealing. 

Garden in front yard

the cottage living room

another garden in the back yard

View of Arundel Cathedral from attic bedroom

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