Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Canon PowerShot G11

I was asked by many people about the camera am using right now.

Well I use Canon PowerShot G11 camera (a Point-and-Shoot or should I say a compact camera). After reading many reviews from random camera sites online I decided (with the help of my husband) and took consideration to get a Canon G11. After all it got tons of positive reviews. At first I thought its was overrated but my husband thought it wasn't because of the 95% good reviews. So I settled with this Point-and-Shoot instead of DSLR.

Thank goodness I made the right decision on this because this camera has everything I need. The output quality is might not be the greatest compare to DSLR but it is very sharp compare to other P&S. In other words this camera is in between the two. Canon made this camera mode settings like DSLR that's why I didn't use automatic mode when shooting all the time rather I use raw, and adjust the ISOs depends on the light settings. Very good macro mode also, and oh the panaromic feature is also the best. It has an HD videocorder but I didn't use it cause we have Flip. I can use lenses on this if I want to but right now I'm okay with what's on it.

The best thing also about this camera is compact. I can carry this with me around wherever I go without worrying about the bulkiness in my pocketbook and heavy on my back. And it is easy to use when I snap stolen shots in the restaurant without being obvious. I still like P&S over DSLR unless if I'll be a professional photographer as my job cause that is a different story. Other than that I stick with P&S.  If I want to splurge on a camera I'd like to have a Leica . Very classic and compact. But I don't think I can afford it anytime soon.


imhs said...

nice.. i'm going to buy g 12 too,...

ring-my-Belle said...


good for you..

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