Friday, June 17, 2011

My Eats: Kabob Pita and Cabbage Soup

Mediterranean Food

There's something about this Middle Eastern food that would always makes me crave, except the hot sauce they have but love the tahini. The tahini perhaps? Well the Falafel bistro in our neighborhood is undoubtedly serves the best authentic Mediterranean food. Their Falafel Hummus sandwich is awesome! They also made great Kabobs, Shawarmas and among others. Today I have Angus Beef Kabob Pita- I asked for a well-done beef patty. They grilled it with parsley, onions and herbs, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes and pickles, with tahini and hot sauce on the side.    

I can't get enough of just one bite at a time.. I kept my mouth full non stop! Hahaha

Hungarian Food:

Today's at Whole Foods hot bar and soup they have this Hungarian Cabbage Soup that I haven't been try eating before so I figure it's about time. It taste like stew but sweet and savory. It is so delish!! Love it. If I only knew that this cabbage makes a good soup I already have tried this.

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