Friday, June 03, 2011

My Sister Got DSL Service in Canada

It has been a while since I talked my sister in Canada on webcam . Our means of communication are  through email and webcam cause its free. We rarely call each other on the phone cause you know how pricey the long distance call fees are. We both love using the social network sites email to exchange messages.

Since they just moved to their new apartment we hardly caught each other online besides their desktop computer was too slow and they also have problem of their dial up internet connection.  It's about time to upgrade my dear sister! So I told her to buy a new computer and get a dsl instead of dial up so that the kids can enjoy their games, and so we can chat faster without having any problem. I hate when their video freezes every now and then, and when suddenly off their Internet connection. 

Last week, I finally got a good news from her. She bought a new desktop computer plus she change their internet service into a faster connection. They're using dsl now. Thank goodness. She told me about copper company that she signup with as their internet provider. She got a great deal with them.

After they hookups the computer through their dsl line they finally have internet connection! We videochat right after with the kids and our mom. So happy to communicate them back for three weeks of being hiatus online. Now that they have  new computer and better internet connection we're no longer annoyed of being cut off while videocaming.

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