Thursday, June 09, 2011

No More Peking Ducks

Like any other who loves pet I can't  stomach the animals that are so special to me. Chicken and fish are my favorite form of food to eat that's why I won't get to be close with them, or else I would be very get emotional. I'm not ready to be a vegan as yet. Like ducks I used to eat them before but ever since I moved here In Florida (where I think this place is a duck paradise), and met a very special duck "ducky" which I call her, who always begs food on me. Of all in her family she's the only one who trusted us (husband, stormy and I), who never afraid to come in our house (related post here) just to be feed. From then on I become attached to her.  She runs after me whenever she sees me outside. She also knows when Stormy's time for a walk especially in the morning. She waited us in front of our backdoor outside hoping for food. And the rest are history. So that was that. I never eat duck foods again. Peking duck, hoisin duck no more. 


Glenda is the name. =) said...

So happy to be here again. Your blogs never fails to make me smile! :) Hope all is well! God Bless!


ring-my-Belle said...

Hello there Glenda, welcome back! Glad to hear from you again. Thanks for liking my blog. I really do appreciate your sweet thoughts. Now I know why your being hiatus for such a long time.. I'm happy for you.