Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Service Anniversary (Year one)

It was on this day when I work my  first day of  my now job. Been a year already! Because of my successful one year of service working with my employer they gave me a Service Award worth 250 points that can be redeemed anytime for a variety of merchandise, travel and gift cards. In our world 250 is a lot.  I  also have earned plenty of points from other sources I joined in this company. Like, I completed the quizzes with perfect score they gave me after we had our meeting or conference. Also my colleagues nominated me as  an employee of the month though I didn't win still I get the points. That's where I get all the points I earned right now. Don't know what to get for myself from this yet. I'll save it for now. Anyways, I wish to work with them in many more years to come, till 25 years perhaps? I hope so... :)

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