Monday, July 18, 2011

Bruschetta with Tomatoes, Cheese and Prosciutto

Aside of vegetable salad, bruschetta is one of those easy and fastest recipe to cook. My favorite. In just a few minutes I'll have an instant lunch or dinner. Very easy. I can use whatever leftover  bread I have whether it's English sour dough muffins, baguette, or Italian bread which really doesn't matter. You see, I sometimes don't follow the rules. Because I don't wanna waste our bread (as long as it is still good to eat) I use it for bruschetta. Like the other day I have so many leftover of Italian multi grain seed bread- I gave some of them to the ducks in our neighborhood for them to eat and some I made the bruschettas for dinner.

This is what I got- save money, save time, plus I had a wonderful meal. Great, eh! :)

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