Thursday, July 14, 2011

Collectible Stuff

Alot of people like to collect stuff- there are some really addictive collectors of stamps, buy morgan dollar coins,  stuff like sports-figure cards, shoes, bags, and other collectible items. There is nothing wrong with that unless they become extremely hoarders. Which is no good. Back when I was young I collect stationary, love the hello kitty and sanrio ones. I did used some of them to write my friends and classmates a letter. It was become my obsession. I stop collecting it until I finished college when I got a job my interest  change. So that was it. The reason why I talk about this (collection) now because grandma wants to buy us a set of chinaware as a gift for our wedding anniversary on October. She loves it. In fact, she has quite a few collection of it. But I honestly don't like to collect  or have it. If these are the chinaware she'll be getting for me maybe I'll change my mind. Hehe

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