Friday, July 29, 2011

iWatched: The Good, The Bad, The Weird

Korean shows are surely hits in the Philippines for such a long time now. We love Meteor Garden. It was a massive hit! Not only that  but among other Korean shows as well. Asian loves romantic stories- that is a statement. Hehehehe. So anyway, I completely not attached to it anymore when I moved here in the USA. But my love affair of Korean shows came back previously - thanks to my ever cool husband! He found out this movie The Good The Bad The Weird for us to watch. At first I said to him that is not the original. I saw the famous classic Hollywood movie of Clint Eastwood, The Good The Bad and The Ugly how come the Korean made a copy of it! Yeah.. this is only a parody, hello!! He said. So then we watch.

The verdict? It was funny. So much action. Great cinematography. Great story line. Good movie, and most of all they are Great Actors. Jung Woo-Sung has such a cutie. I like how he fires the gun. Such a cowboy! Clint Eastwood would appreciate that. Lee Byung-Hun is so handsome and a very good actor. No wonder why he's a super star in Asia. I like Rain but I like Lee Byung-Hun more..

This movie can compete in the global market. A la Hollywood. Very awesome.

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