Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mental Getaway: Amanresorts- Amanpulo

Only if I have a gazillion of money (not!) or can afford (should I say) to go and stay in a luxury resort for a mental getaway- I would prefer to go to one of Amanresorts called Amanpulo in the Philippines. Please don't get me wrong, I don't have a mental illness. Hehehe I say mental getaway is because I wanna allow myself to let go in an exotic getaway. You know we're so busy trying to respond to other people's needs, busy for work, busy for our business, busy, busy, busy! Or if the world is driving us crazy we simply need some "me" time. That's why we need ourselves permission to take a mental break. If you think a mental break can only happen if you go to an exotic getaway, well, it is not. We can have a mini-break by go for a shopping, cooking, playing, swimming, go for a zumba dancing fitness, yoga, watch movies, and many others. I does that. But who really doesn't wanna go in an exotic place. Stay in an island for days. My husband and I did that three years ago in the Philippines. We stayed in an exclusive villa in Pearl Farm beach resort. The only music we had were the birds noises and the sounds of the ocean waves. Very relaxing. It was beautiful. Now I'm daydreaming (only) to go to Amanpulo. You see, this is what the summer made me think of. Island.

Amanpulo (Philippines)
aerial shots of  Amanpulo

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