Thursday, July 07, 2011

Olive Oil Obsession

One thing I can't do without when cooking is Extra Virgin Olive Oil- its the ultimate kitchen staples of mine. Its not just sounds classy but it really is healthy and flavorful. In fact, there are numerous Olive Oil benefits, according to experts. Countries like Greece, Italy and Spain are the top producer of olive oil in the world so that's where the olive oil made from I have.  I also look for a good packaging that I can display as a decorative  the emptied bottles after. 

Not  only I buy olive oil for cooking but also a hand soap made of olive oil. I also actually have olive oil for hair. Yeah I hoard it. Kinda weird like that. Hehehe

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Mary Squires said...

Even though most olive oils have "Product of Italy" on them or have an Italian name, they are not usually from Italian olives. Theses oils are from other countries and are mixed and bottled in Italy and then shipped from there. They've got a scheme going on. All the other countries know about it and since there aren't any real labelling laws, we get fooled. Still, the bottles look good.

Mary Squires