Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Skin Care Products

My Lola (means grandmother in Filipino) is the one who taught me on how to take care my skin. She is my idol when it comes to maintaining cleanliness and personal hygiene. Makeup is not her favorite thing what she loves are skin care products. She applies baby oil for her skin after shower every single day, washes her hair every other day and use fresh natural coconut oil for hair conditioning. She is loyal of using body bar soap, use fresh papaya leaf as a scrub, she uses cologne, and loose powder for her face. She regularly have mani/pedi, nail color polish only her feet. She never ever gets tired doing that all until she got sick badly. Lola had barely wrinkles at age 85. In fact her daughters (including my mother gets jealous of her skin) Hehehe. They call her the goddess of vain even though she is low maintenance. It would be nice if I have a picture of her attached unfortunately my old photo albums swiped out in my hard drive by the viruses. *Sigh*

I try to emulate her like that in a way of maintaining personal hygiene by using natural skin care products, and believes of wearing bare skin than wearing too much makeup. I believe simplicity is beautiful. Natural is chic. I love makeup don't get me wrong I can't live without a moisturizer, eye brow pencil,  blush -on, and mascara but I spend more money on skin care products than makeups.
Talking about skin care products I completely in love with this Body Scrub- smells SO good and sweet that I can almost eat it. The Shea oil and Sugar are perfectly blends together that will give my skin glow.

Photo of me taken yesterday. I am about to leave for work. One thing I like my job is that I doesn't require to wear makeup (you know, I don't deal customers) but as I said earlier I can't leave the house without slapping a moisturizer on my face, wearing a mascara and eye brow makeup. That said, I'm still allowing my skin glow not shine. :)

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Yonka said...

You belong to a very beautiful place and you are also a person with natural and healthy skin.I first time came to know that fresh papaya leafs are also used as a scrub.