Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mark Wahlberg - From Funk to A Great Actor

Mark Wahlberg is one of my fave Hollywood actor. I started to like him ever since I saw the Boogie Nights movie. I like him as an actor. But, I can honestly tell you that I am not an avid follower nor go crazy in every single thing he does. However, upon watching his interviewed on TV (I forgot the channel.. my bad) a couple of weeks ago my respect as a person towards him change.  I then learned that Mark was a trouble maker during his youth. He was in the jail in-and-out multiple times and was convicted of a murder at age 16. He served his sentence in the jails and was out after 2 years. And the rest are history...

After all he turned to be a musician. He led the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch hip-hop group. Their first single Good Vibrations turn hits in the early 90s. Who can't forget that song? So funky!

And then he became a Calvin Klein underwear model. Hmmm... the physique, so impressive! No wonder why. :)

He's very known as an actor worldwide (unless you're an avid fan who follows his career since). He's great in this movie' The Fighter. It has a very interesting story. I thought he could win an award for this particular movie in Oscar or Golden Globe unfortunately the other actors brought the trophy home. And that was that, the one-hit-wonders turned to be a great actor now.

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