Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cuban Espresso

Last Saturday, my husband and I along with our Cuban friends drove around the area in Miami where mostly Cuban people lives. I heard so much about little Havana in Miami, and since our friends are Cubans and live nearby, we asked them to tour us in that area. As much as I love to go to Cuba but as American I am not allowed to go there. So I decided to go to little Havana in Miami instead to learn about their cultures and lifestyles, to taste the local foods  and to watch people.

First, let me talk about their cafe. 

I saw coffee-stands every corner in little Havana. People are literally standing outside the window to buy the special Cuban espresso for $1 and change per mini cup. They stood there chatting with their companions, others stayed in their car while sipping a delicious hot Cuban espresso. I saw so many people are always come and go at a coffee stand. That Cuban coffee is something.      

I am not a coffee drinker but I won't deprive myself to this Cuban coffee.Whenever I get a chance to drink it I will gladly have it without any hesitation. That strong taste you will love.

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