Saturday, October 01, 2011

Grandma Loves Me and Foot Spa

It was quite eventful of me today. Grandma and I had to meet up in the morning to go to hair salon where she's frequent. She gifted me a certificate for manicure over there, she'll also gonna have a haircut as well, and this morning is our appointment. Grandma told me beforehand to look for Bella who will do my nails- so Belle meets Bella what a coincidence. When in the hair parlor everybody knows grandma from the lady on desk to customers, they are very welcoming. To my surprised I'm the only young lady in there everybody else are senior citizens. So I feel like I'm their baby. Hehehe They offered me coffee and bagel for free and they gave me magazines to read while I wait for Bella. Grandma introduced me to everybody she knows over there, one lady who always does her hair is so happy to finally meet me. She complimented my beauty and told me how grandma talked about me to her all the time and how grandma loves me. Now that is something. I felt so humble and bless to hear that. It so nice of grandma to think of me all the time. Actually this is not the first time. Grandma has so many friends and whenever I meet them they told me the same story-- that how grandma loves me. 

To hear that really is melt my heart. Oh it makes me cry now. Does pure love from a person is the greatest gift than any materials? Yes. I tell you, it does. And it's PRICELESS.

Finally Bella came out. She put me in a room where the foot massager. I soaked my foot in that warm bubbling foot tub for 30 minutes (I'm not kidding), it really that long. And it massage my foot so great. I feel asleep for awhile. Love it. Bella massage my legs and foot afterwards then she clean and color my nails which take her only 10 minutes. I don't mind though. I deeply clean my nails by myself at home anyway. This foot massage is what I'm after for.  

When I'm done at the parlor grandma and I headed straight to a mall to buy shams, pillows and towels for our gifts from grandma and mil. t'was a wonderful day after all.

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