Monday, October 31, 2011

iWatch ! Musa (a Korean film)

I can't believe how great Korean cinema industry are. They  make wonderful movies. I've seen every genre of Korean films from comedy, love story, war, etc.... and they were awesome! I feel in love with the actor Jung Woo-sung (that man in front of the photo above), he is such a great actor. I've seen some of his famous movies, and that was it.. I like him already. Heeeheee!! Blame it to my husband, he made me watch all this Korean movies. LOL

Anyway, this Musa (film) is one of the biggest motion pictures in the history of South Korean cinema. It features a high degree of historical accuracy in period costumery, props, settings, and most unusually the language that is everyone speaks in their native tongues. Because it involves the Chinese, Mongols, Hans, and of course Korean. Musa by the way means warrior. And who are the warriors? All those Korean and Mongols.

This is the historical context of the film:

quote via wiki

The film presents a fictionalized account of a real Korean diplomatic mission sent to China in 1375. Chun-Yong Son was to present a gift of horses to the Hongwu Emperor - the first Ming emperor (as of 1368) - but he and his party were reported to have been exiled and there was no record of their return to Korea. At the time, the Ming government was unhappy with Korea as the Korean government continued to acknowledge the Mongols as the legitimate rulers of China (this was true until 1378. Eventually the Koreans managed to gain favor with the Ming government and the relationship became very cordial. The film also portrays the political conflicts in China at the time, between the fading Mongol-ruled Yuan Dynasty and the new Ming Dynasty that returned China to Han Chinese rule.


In this movie I hate the Korean general, the Mongols, and the Chinese princess. They are so obnoxious. I easily carried away.

Watch this trailer so you'll get the picture (what I mean). The movie is full of action.

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