Saturday, October 29, 2011

Versailles Restaurant for Cuban Cuisine in Miami

When in Miami you must try dishes at Versailles for Cuban Food! It's the best restaurant for Cuban cuisine there is. Last Saturday we went that restaurant, it was packed. Good thing though the place is huge, they have so many tables and chairs. A sign that means they make good food. Oh yeah. The tour-guide/friend never disappointment me. :)

This is the typical Cuban structure building. This is what the restaurant looks from outside.

We were sitting on the very rear end of the restaurant's room. Actually apart of their many rooms.
Cuban Classic- this has a little bit of everything of Cuban dishes; lechon asado, plain rice, cuban style ground beef (picadillo), sweet plantains, ham croquette, cuban tamale, and cassava with cuban mojo. Love everything about this dish.

Vaca Frita- Shredded beef sauteed in olive oil with citrus juice and onions. Ahh... another great food! If only we have cuban restaurant where I live this will be my easy-to-go food every other day. :)

The classic Cuban sandwich.

and of course a Cuban meal will never be complete if no black beans.

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