Saturday, October 29, 2011

What I'm Up To Now


Husband and I supposed to go to Fern park in our neighbor city for a trail and see the changing color of maple trees but, the weather does not permit us. It's been raining cats and dogs since yesterday here in South Florida.  I'm afraid that this wet weather condition will continue till next week as what I learn from the weather forecast. Terrible. Oh well, it won't last. :)

Anyhow, I phoned my sister in Canada today she said it's freezing and raining there, and the snow is started falling down. That makes me think how wonderful the world we live in.  So magical. 

After talking with my sister and her children I cooked my own version of Vaca Frita for dinner.  I will post a separate entry for it some other time to share my recipe.

After dinner it's time for a movie.

In my house the husband is in charge of our entertainment. No questions ask, he'll pick a show or movie we're going to be watch, whether I like it or not. You know how some movies are can be very cheesy, boring or too scary but I have to watch it because that is our movie of the day. This only happens rarely though because most of the time the husband picks very entertaining movies that we both love at the end of the show. We like any genre of movies except porno. Porno is disgusting and so uncool. A big No No. 

Lately, we're into Korean movies. I don't mind, in fact I admire Korean movies now. They're great! Absolutely. So tonight we watch Musa an epic Korean movie. It's outstanding! Now, this deserve of its own post entry I have to write about. Stay tune for that.

And right now it's about time to get some sleep. Good night everybody!

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