Monday, November 21, 2011

Choco Pie

This is perhaps the South Korean favorite snack food. From many South Korean movies I saw lately Choco Pie is what I always noticed. In the movie JSA (Joint Security Area) the South Korean guard give the North Korean guard the Choco Pies, and that the North Korean guard thought the Choco Pie is a food sent from God. You know how the North Korea people don't have access of any South Korean or the world food have. They are isolated. Poor thing. So they enjoy eating it.

And then, I also saw the other South Korean movie The Way Home again they featured Choco Pie. The lead kid actor bought boxes of Choco Pies for his consumption while staying in his grandma's home while his mom find a job. When he's running out of Choco Pie grandma sell vegetables she grew from the farm just to buy Choco Pie for her grandson. This movie by the way is very moving. I cried a river while watching it. It's a great movie. I loved it! While I still watching more of South Korean movies lately I continually notice the Choco Pie that's why it stuck in my mind. 

When I did my weekly food shopping last Saturday I saw Choco Pies! Oh boy did I came home without it? Of course I bought one box to try it! Byung-hun Lee will be glad I tried it, cause it does taste good, so soft with marshmallows. Numnumnum... Teeheeeee!!

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