Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Condo Unit Sale

My friend and her husband have been considering buying a house for a while now because the real estate and mortgage industries are trying hard to convince them that now is a good time to buy a home.  They have been told by the realtors that they should buy a home now because having been a renter for the past years, they qualify for the First-Time Homebuyer's Tax Credit. And also because the mortgage interest rates are so low.  I don't think they will consider to buy a house very soon despite all of these good offer by their realtor. My friend and her husband are still in doubt to give up their money with this unstable economy here in the U.S. They're afraid to gamble. Although they love to own  a Condo if the price of a Condo unit is right.

That said, given the dismal outlook for the U.S. economy and housing in particular, if they're going to buy a house today- they should only do it by paying cash.  Of course they know the property has a weak appraisals because of the high inventories and low value. 

That's why my friend and her husband love to consider the idea to buy a house outside the U.S. instead. Considering my friend visits her family in the Philippines every year it is practical for them to own a property somewhere in Asia particularly in Singapore. They both love Singapore.  They always stay for a couple of days over there before they fly back home here in the U.S. to unwind. The fact Singapore is closer (2hours flight) to the Philippines it is very convenient for them to own a property over there so they can visit her family in the Philippines anytime they want without hustle of a long flight. Housing market in Singapore is stronger than ever and are expected to continue selling every year. My friend and her husband found a  Condo Sale unit (via condoexpert.sg) in the Pacific Mansion estate's located in River Valley district area in Singapore that they like. Right now they are communicating with the realtor hopefully my friend gets what she needs.

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